Corporate Strategy as a Career Survey


No personal data that can trace to you the individual or to your business is being collected! Guided by Tri-Council Research Ethics Guide 2018.


Are you a Corporate Strategy professional who love what you do and would like to share about your profession with others?

Are you a consultant or practitioner who would love to have information on hand for helping recruiters and buyers of your solution to better understand what you do and how it can help their organizations?

Would you love to provide answers for next generation, new graduates, students trying to choose college courses, or those  thinking of corporate strategy as a career?

That includes those who have never heard of the field but who has what it takes and would enjoy that career choice.

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of the questions above then thank you for helping me, to help you put your hands on all you desired or would love to commit to above.

Help me with the survey-interview entitled Corporate Strategy as a Career Survey.

The survey is being conducted primarily for academic purposes; however, the findings will be compiled into a booklet for filling the information gap related to roles under that career umbrella.

The survey is being conducted by Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

It should take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Survey Link:

Submission deadline:

Midnight: Friday October 18, 2019 | Extended to Sunday, October 27, 2019.

If you have ever wondered how your peers ended up in fields such as director corporate strategy, head of strategy and performance, corporate strategy planner, strategy analyst, manager corporate strategy and evaluation then this survey is for you.

I thank you in advance for your assistance with this research.

Thank you also for sharing with other strategy practitioners in your network.


Meegan Scott



Loving it in the Dark!

love and respect cash cash accountability scaling up

Loving cash— sounds like loving dirt?

Do you feel the need to love cash secretly― in the dark?

If you are uncomfortable owning the message on the picture below as a part of your business philosophy something is not quite right.

Whether you lead a for-profit or a social enterprise difficulty with owing a love and respect for cash means its time to rethink?

It is time to focus on the following questions:

  • Am I really an entrepreneur?
  • Am I still in the early stage of my journey as an entrepreneur and still a little shy about embracing the need to respect and love cash? Doing so outwardly, that is.
  • Am I dropping the ball on one of my areas of accountability?
  • Am I being authentic?

Cash is the lifeblood of a business.

  • You need it to secure loans
  • You need it invest in the growth of your business
  • You need it to purchase risk and threat protection
  • You need it to protect your health, wealth, leisure, retirement, and peace of mind
  • You need it to ensure your family is taken care of today and tomorrow
  • You need it to invest in your growth and development as entrepreneur
  • You need it to bring your purpose to life
  • You need it PAY the BILLs
  • You need it to PAY the TAXES
  • You need it for networking as well as for building networks
  • You need it to demonstrate caring for family, community, environment, and more
  • You need it to inspire confidence in your business

Bring your authentic self and your entrepreneur’s accountability and responsible hat to business every time. Don’t be shy to let your customers know that you are in business to make a profit.

Decide how you can help; and how much help you will give in pro bono, volunteer, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Decide how much you will give to say thank you for being my customer.

Decide how much you can and will give to acquire new customers.

Let customers, potential customers, and partners know how you can work together in cooperation or collaboration for your individual and mutual success on a cash free or preferential price agreement.

We are talking about pride, profit, and gain ―no free lunches, I received, and I gave!

We are talking about, I respect your business―thank you for respecting mine.

We are talking about, being responsible and not driving artificially created poverty.

Solve problems for clients, customers, and your community in a responsible and authentic way.

Do good and solve problems without digging your business into a hole.

Whether your profit is for greater good or a greater good―you read that correctly.

If you are earning and spending, you are contributing to the greater good!

If you are in business you must be solving a problem, so whether you profit for good at market rate or for less or give more back to a cause you are still or should be in the business of making a profit for good!

Put training wheels on your business. Many of the businesses that fail post incubation do so because they had on no training wheels for sustaining themselves.

So, if you’re serving up the mix of martyrdom and growing a business don’t expect many customers or investors at your party.  Don’t even expect many friends or family at your party.

We love and respect cash in the open!

Meegan Scott
From: The Marathoner


“Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success,
despite the constraint of size.”

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Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Who Is Your Ideal Customer?
We get asked the question ―What do you do, and who are your ideal customers so often?
And we are glad to answer it no matter how many times we are asked. After all we are here to understand your needs and to help you to better understand how we can help  or work together.
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KICK OFF Meeting – Entrepreneur’s CoP & MeetUPs


Notice of misprint: “The statistics validates that the Caribbean immigrant is among the least likely to start and grow a business in the OCED,’  should read: OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Kick off Meeting
Community of Practice and GTA Meetups for Caribbean Entrepreneurs in the Diaspora


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My Checklist – Getting Ready for Business Growth 2018

Warning! This is only for entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who are serious about growth and active strategic thinking?

How serious are you about getting value for your consulting, marketing or strategy execution dollar?

If you are very serious you will act to ensure your service provider knows and give you exactly what you need for the best price and in time — we’d like you to help us to be the ideal service provider.

This will take a few minutes and real thinking, so let’s get started right away.

After you have helped us to get it right we’d like you to try this for your business or organization too.

But don’t stop there we’d also love to hear from you regarding how it worked for you.

Our audience would also love to know how this exercise worked for you. Thank you for sharing on at:

How to Help

Help us to bring the action section of the table below to life by answering one or more questions in the Action panel. Thank you for typing the question number along with your answer.

We thank those who answer all of our questions.

Students and academics are also welcome to share.

Click here or the link below to view table in PDF format.

table help get 2018 right. v.2.0

table help get 2018 right2

Double click the image to view – created by Meegan Scott

“Early bird catches the fattest worm”.

Get ready to grow in 2018 and thank you for helping us to grow along with you.

Hey, do this for your agribusiness too!


Meegan Scott

Copyright © 2017 by Meegan Scott and Magate Wildhorse. All Rights Reserved

What You Need When Execution is the Challenge!


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Pepper Pot Strategy and Execution Solutions                                       Comes in … 60 min  90 min 120 min 1/2 day sessions  or     … Continue reading

The Caribbeans, Outsourcing & KPO Opportunities

When it comes to Outsourcing– the Caribbean currently operates in the area illustrated by the blue box with the purple arrow and orange boxes in the image below.


Where Caribbeans operate in the Global Services Value Chain

Figure 0.1. Section of GVC Upgrading Trajectories for Selected Developing Countries in the Offshore Services Value Chain (Selected Central America and Caribbean Countries) From: Fernandez-Stark, Karina, Penny Bamber, and Gary Gereffi. “The offshore services value chain: upgrading trajectories in developing countries.” International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development4.1-3 (2011): 206-234. [Online] Available at: <> [Adapted by Meegan Scott with permission].

The opportunity for really taking a bite into the US$ 88.9 Bn. offshore market alone means we have to be playing in the green box — the KPO area.

Among the kinds of solutions offered in the KPO area are: legal consulting, business analytics, market intelligence and medical transcription.

Lawyers, Engineers, Business Graduates, MBAs, IT Professionals did you hear your name called?

  • Are you ready!
  • Does it fit your business strategy?
  • Is it time to strategy adjust?

It is not that difficult to do.

If you are ready and interested, what services would you love to deliver?

Looking to hear from members of the Caribbean Diaspora as well.

Thanks for sharing your view and aspiration!

I find this topic to be worth considering with so many graduates searching for decent work and on the heels of the Outsource to The Caribbean Conference 2017 (OCC 2017).

Click here to find out more about non-tech job titles and remuneration in the KPO Sub-Sector.

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Burning Desire: A Culture of Performance Improvement

Is performance improvement your burning desire?
Is a culture of performance improvement on your wish list for your organization, team, program or project?

Then Pepper Pot Lunch ℠ is for you.
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Each participatory session is geared towards tackling a challenge related to:
1. Understanding strategy
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4. Growing a culture of performance and improvement

Because you know a great solution when you see it, you’ll be among the first 100 to order your
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Pepper Pot Lunch ℠   are not just “talk shops”, they are interactive, fact finding, information sharing and active problem solving sessions.

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Facilitated strategic management conversations—that drive commitment, strategy alignment and help your organization to grow a culture of performance and improvement.

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First 100 Grab Their Pepper Pot Lunch℠ — Lunch Hour Results Solution

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Pepper Pot Lunch ℠ — made to fit strategic conversations, root cause analysis and problem solving solution for organizations and their champions of change.
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