Burning Desire: A Culture of Performance Improvement

Is performance improvement your burning desire?
Is a culture of performance improvement on your wish list for your organization, team, program or project?

Then Pepper Pot Lunch ℠ is for you.
Pepper Pot Lunch ℠ is hot!  That is why it is not for every team or organization.
Pepper Pot Lunch ℠   is tailor made to suit the strategic conversation, root cause analysis and problem solving needs of organizations and their champions of change.

Each participatory session is geared towards tackling a challenge related to:
1. Understanding strategy
2. Winning commitment to strategy
3. Taking action for getting the results you, the organization, customers and stakeholders want
4. Growing a culture of performance and improvement

Because you know a great solution when you see it, you’ll be among the first 100 to order your
Pepper Pot Lunch ℠   solution for your team or organization.

Pepper Pot Lunch ℠   are not just “talk shops”, they are interactive, fact finding, information sharing and active problem solving sessions.

We guarantee rich entertaining sessions which engages heads, hearts and hands for getting you on the path to success.

Try Pepper Pot Lunch ℠   today.

Facilitated strategic management conversations—that drive commitment, strategy alignment and help your organization to grow a culture of performance and improvement.

Lunch date with your team and you?
We’ll take Pepper Pot Lunch, plus we’ll also take the fire for you when it comes to those tough strategic management conversations.

Pepper Pot Lunch ℠ Sessions are held for 60 to 120 min. [The time is dependent on the issue and type of session].

Message us to discuss your Pepper Pot Lunch need and order today!
Or phone us at: 1(647) 854-5323

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