Monitoring and Evaluation

Performance Management and Measurement

This solution includes programme monitoring; evaluation, learning; and impact assessment  (Various approaches and methods including development evaluation); as well as organizational assessments.

We’ll help with development and implementation of M&E Systems including indicators, LFA and theory of Change.

Perhaps you’d like to think about it as your results-based management solution.

You’ll find that we are competent and ready to help you with Market Systems Development Programmes (also known as Making Markets Work for the Poor or M4P).

DCED Standards for Results Measurement is one framework that we can bring to your Monitoring and Results Measuring for your MSD or Private Sector Development Programme.

Primary  focus for Evaluation and Planning:  Business and sustainable livelihoods; entrepreneurship;  trade & export: WASH and climate change: Governance (Leadership,  public sector and service delivery + urban governance, and  institutional  development.

Whether you call it virtual or remote performance monitoring or remote evaluations we were among the first in the business. We know the terrain and will deliver top-notch virtual or remote performance management and measurement solutions to suit your needs.

Special value-added: expertise in international trade, trade finance, entrepreneur development, corporate strategy planning, and behaviour change marketing.

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