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The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Performance Magazine.

In a world where the language of business expands almost daily and growth-related concepts can be tough to understand The Noësis aims to bring understanding and simplicity —disambiguation.  It provides content that facilitates understanding, promotes linguistic competence in industry language and helps organizations and entrepreneurs to get more out of their investment in consulting solutions.

It does this through its content—  business related educational articles, showcasing of successful Caribbean and Canadian entrepreneurs, research findings, issues, trends, companies, stories and entertainment pieces.  Articles and stories focus on growth related topics such as strategy, marketing, trade, performance management and measurement, intellectual property and the creative industries.

The Noësis is the only business magazine designed to promote the culture of Caribbean entrepreneurship and promote entrepreneurship as a desirable and feasible economic activity for Caribbean immigrants in Canada and diasporic markets of the Caribbean.

Our unique publication is a cross between a magazine and a professional journal thus giving emerging and seasoned researchers, consultants and practitioners in Canada, the Caribbean and its Diaspora an audience as well as the opportunity to share their research findings. Expect a mixed of peer or academic reviewed content as well as pieces contributed by professionals and entrepreneurs.

This Canadian-Caribbean Magazine presents content of interest to Canadians as well as the global business, academic and development communities. Executives, and staff in government departments, non-profit organizations, development projects, economic development clusters, business organizations, private sector entities, and entrepreneurs will find its content relevant and easy to apply. Caribbean organizations and professionals in the diasporia will welcome the tips, advice, and guidance that is shared.

Marketers, librarians, professionals and businesses looking to deepen their connection with Caribbean diasporic markets will value their subscription for digital or print access to The Noësis.

Get your copy of The  Noësis and have fun with our crossword puzzles, quizzes, stories, jokes and anecdotes. You are welcome to share a story or to contribute and article. Click to here to request your copy its free!


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Next issue: Winter 2018 | Publisher: Magate Wildhorse | Toronto, Canada

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