Code of Conduct: Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy

Policy Number :  2

Approval date  : August 28, 2020


This policy outlines the definition of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) and the process to follow for protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA).

Policy Scope

Magate Wildhorse Ltd., Toronto, Canada and Magate Wildhorse Inc., New York (USA) herein after referred to as  Magate Wildhorse Consulting and all its associated brands, Board Directors, Core Team of Associates, Service Delivery Partners, Volunteers, and Affiliate Service Providers are expected to uphold the highest standards of personal and professional conduct and integrity, within their personal lives, and within their involvement with Magate Wildhorse Consulting at all times and in so doing protect vulnerable persons from sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA).  Magate Wildhorse Consulting  has a zero-tolerance policy for SEA.  Magate Wildhorse™ implements efficient policies, procedures and systems to prevent and respond to SEA.

All employees, directors, volunteers, associates and service delivery partners are governed by and subject to this policy and guidelines and recourse articulated here-in.  The policy therefore applies to all Magate Wildhorse full and part-time employees, board members, contractors, volunteers, interns, consultants, partnering associates, associates as well as service providers and affiliated with Magate Wildhorse sponsors activities of The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and The  BIDEM Conference and Trade Show.

View Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy or Report Abuse

Please click the link below to access the policy document and reporting form.

Magate Wildhorse SEA Policy Document and Compliants Form

Magate Wildhorse Policy Statement on Diversity, Inclusion & Equal Employment Opportunity in the Workforce