Client Testimonials

Below we share with you a sneak preview of testimonials clients of Magate Wildhorse and Principal. If you did not see a testimonial from a client company or individual that you were expecting, that’s because we only list a small selection, though we will add more shortly. You are welcome to contact us for a reference or testimonial from clients that you wanted to hear from but who are not listed below.

What Clients & Workshop Participants Said━

Toronto, Canada

“Meegan Scott brings an impressive background in project evaluation. She demonstrated a welcome level of rigor and thoughtful analysis when we were developing our logic model/M&E framework. We would happily work with her again.”

Marjorie Brans
Executive Director
School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario (SSE-O)

Brampton, Canada


UACS Board notes benefits of Strategic Planning

“Meegan shared excellent insights and suggestions that have helped the Board of Directors to better guide UACS through the process of becoming more performance and results oriented. We now have a better understanding of how to improve our competitive advantage; and we understand how to improve our current level of responsiveness to the needs and wants of our stakeholders.

We appreciated Meegan’s hands on support in helping us to craft a plan that logically transforms our strategy into planned actions for achieving our objectives in the most effective and efficient manner. I found the high level of knowledge and skills that were transferred in the areas of: strategic leadership and planning; as well as in performance monitoring and evaluation to be a positively unique experience.

We thank Magate Wildhorse for being there to help us put our best foot forward as we seek to secure additional funding for our organization. I find Meegan to be a very calm, insightful professional. I would highly recommend Meegan for any strategic leadership consultation, but beware she will make you work and challenge you to accomplish the best possible solutions and results.
Angela Johnson
Board of Directors
United Achievers’ Community Services

“Meegan consistently submitted exceptionally well-researched concepts/models that are currently helping the organisation achieve its five year  Strategic Plan

Am positive that Meegan would be an asset for any organisation looking at project management and development, Monitoring and evaluation among others”.

David Clemy
Kitega Community Centre Uganda

 Toronto, Canada

     “The Social Marketing workshop was lively and informative. It provided a holistic view of and understanding of how to implement a social marketing campaign. Meegan did a fantastic job in the design of the workshop. Thus truly providing a step-by-step approach to implementing a campaign and other ways one can use the information in program development”.          

~ Rosemary   
Toronto, Canada

Small Group Work

Small group exercise:Identifying barriers, price, and cost of behaviour change – Making Change Happen: Social Marketing Workshop Copyright © 2013 Magate Wildhorse

 “The workshop was very useful in learning about the different strategies to reach out to the public. The concept of social marketing, social media marketing and public education were explored in depth, based on examples from different settings. It is highly recommended for professionals in the not-for-profit sector, marketing or business”. 

Toronto, Canada


Participants exchange thoughts at RATIS Workshop Copyright © 2013 Magate Wildhorse

Participants exchange thoughts at RATIS Workshop
Copyright © 2013 Magate Wildhorse

“I found the workshop to be very informative. The presentation was educational and   entertaining. I also found the facilitator to be knowledgeable and quite capable”.

C . Quarrie
Toronto, Canada

“How did I benefit from the workshop?

This workshop provided valuable information necessary for the development and sustaining of a non- profit organization. I would definitely attend another workshop and recommend it to those stakeholders involved in supporting their development”.

A. Mitchener
Toronto, Canada

 “As a program evaluator and researcher, I found the workshop useful in leading projects and managing relationships with stakeholders. The workshop was engaging with lots of examples used to demonstrate the concept of relevance, accountability, transparency, impact and sustainability . It offered a fresh insight into strategy development. I would highly recommend this workshop to students and professionals in the developmental sector” .

Toronto, Canada

“I have known Meegan as an experienced and professional consultant, who meets deadline well and her work is of very high standard. I have been able to rely on her professionalism in getting the job done, meeting very tight deadline as required by many proposals and to ensure their success. I have no hesitation in recommending her”.

Marva Hewitt-Heaven
Managing Director Food Hygiene Bureau

“I found Meegan to be an admirable team player; a professional of high integrity; a dedicated client advocate; a life-long learner; a diligent researcher; and a dedicated mentor. Meegan was highly appreciated by her colleagues and clients alike for her genuine interest and willingness to go beyond the call of duty to assist others to achieve both personal and professional development goals”.

Dawn Anne Douglas
Manager Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives
National e-Business Incubator
Commonwealth of Dominica

“Overall, she proved to be an invaluable asset to the project not only by her skills but also with her wit and assertive, creative temperament. Ms. Scott is a prudent and trustworthy individual with a quiet but forceful personality.

Ms. Scott’s loyalty is unquestionable and beyond reproach, even under extremely delicate internal or extraneous circumstances, and this makes her a perfect candidate for engagement in an environment that serves a wider international clientele, particularly where her described attributes are critical to the organization”

Abraham J. Durand
Former, Manager National e-Business Incubator
Commonwealth of Dominica

“…committed to her duties, rising always to challenges posed by the project.” “… will go the extra mile to ensure that the job is complete.”

Carmen Griffiths 
Executive Director
USAID funded ACES Project
Construction Resource and Development Centre
Kingston, Ja

“…reliable, responsible, well mannered.” “…she is firm and has well developed communication skills.”  “…strives for accuracy in presenting her work.”

Karen Bartley
Assistant Manager
UHWI Private Wing Ltd., Kingston, Ja

 “…impressed me as a steady worker who sets goals and makes effort to achieve them.” “”she has an eye for detail”.

Gladys A. Thomas
Actg. Senior Librarian
Kingston and St. Andrew Parish Library
Kingston, Ja