Celebrating GEW CANADA 2017 – Focused for Growth


November 9-18, 2017

Magate Wildhorse joins Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and the global community in observing and celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 (GEW 2017).


Focused for Growth — Celebrating GEW 2017


We will host and help to coordinate activities for celebrating entrepreneurs, the spirit of entrepreneurship, innovation and the impact of entrepreneurs on society and the world.

The activities in which we will participate aims to strengthen the capacity of entrepreneurs and their businesses to stay in business as well as to realize growth.

Our theme for Global Entrepreneurship Week Canada 2017 is “Focused for Growth”.

As such we will be helping Canadian and Canadian Caribbean entrepreneurs and their businesses to find the right focus for getting to year 5 and beyond.  We will also share tips and solutions for those aspirating to grow their businesses for the long term.

  • Join us for a participatory session entitled “Focused for Growth”.
  • Win a Pepper Pot Strategy Execution Session for your team.
  • Join us in partnership with The Caribbean Camera for bringing the voices of Canadian, Caribbean Canadian, and Caribbean entrepreneurs and their supporters to the global community as it relates to GEW and its impact on their community, how they have leveraged and or failed to leverage the opportunities presented by GEW 2017.

Focused for Growth will address focusing the organization for growth.

But it will also address the entrepreneur and grit for staying the course in the face of expected and unexpected challenges. Our event partner Valerie MacLeod, Global Partner, Haines Centre for Strategic Management will  feature in a video interview on Focused for Growth —The Entrepreneur.

The Caribbean Camera will provide the platform through which the voices of entrepreneurs and their supporters will be heard as it relates to GEW 2017. The Caribbean Camera will also be teaming up with us and other entities to bring you activities for facilitating learning, growth, recognition and celebration during the week of November 13–19, 2017.

We are inviting Canadian entrepreneurs to join us for taking advantage of the opportunities presented as well as for a meeting and blending of the Canadian and Caribbean Entrepreneur DNA for creating more novel and innovative solutions, partnerships, collaborations and stronger businesses.

We have invited the Caribbeans to share in our activities because we believe it is important that

Caribbeans in Canada and those at home:

  • Are made aware of how the Caribbeans are observing the Week;
  •  To help entrepreneurs and their supporters to understand how the Caribbean entrepreneur and their supporters are leveraging the opportunities presented by GEW and where we are missing the boat;
  • To provide inspiration for Caribbean entrepreneurs in Canada and at home;
  • To celebrate and give recognition to the spirit and culture of Caribbean entrepreneurs and enterprise;
  • To highlight Caribbean entrepreneurs, their challenges, successes and impact in the Canadian Community;
  •  To instill pride in and inspire youth and older young-entrepreneurs in Canada by connecting them to the voice and spirit of entrepreneurship in their homelands; and
  • To put on parade in Canada and the Caribbean the DNA of the Caribbean entrepreneur in action.

Among the voices from the Caribbeans will be Global Entrepreneurship Network Caribbean our collaborator in bringing some of the voices from the Caribbeans.

The Caribbean culture and heritage of entrepreneurship is still to come into its own in Canada.  It must be exposed, promoted and supported in order to stimulate the growth of entrepreneurial Caribbean Canadian businesses by both youths, newcomers and the more established Caribbean Canadian. We could call it getting multicultural with the wholesome and rich Canadian and Caribbean traditions of enterprise, entrepreneurship and supporting business.