Principal Associate – Meegan Scott


Zealous practising disciple of the concepts of “Productive paranoia”; facilitator of organizational learning; transformational leadership; and “marketing and innovation” as the two functions of business.

Recent roles held: Chief strategist and visionary; internal strategy planner,external strategy consultant, internal monitoring officer, external organizational performance  evaluator,  strategic marketing and communication manager.

Meegan Scott, B.Sc. Hons, MBA, PMP, is a strategic management consultant; she founded and owns the Toronto based consulting practice, Magate Wildhorse ™. She is also the founding Chair, of Caribbean Evaluators International, a voluntary organization of professional evaluators and affiliate development professionals, who serve the 26 countries of the CARIFORUM Caribbean and its Diaspora. Caribbean Evaluators International is committed to improving the evaluation capability and capacity of its members and member countries of CARIFORUM. Its end objective is to make a significant contribution towards accelerating the achievement of the Region’s social, economic, political, and cultural development results and aspirations.

An independent consultant and international volunteer, specializing in the areas of convergence of governance, visioning and strategy development; corporate strategy planning; strategy execution; social research; program management; change management; marketing; and performance evaluation. She presents workshops in the areas of social marketing; social media marketing; strategic planning; change management; customer service; organizational design and performance evaluation (RATIS). RATIS is the acronym for relevance, accountability, transparency, impact and sustainability. She is also known for her strength in resource mobilization, training curricula and event development including corporate launches, international conferences, speaker fora, panel discussions and training events for professional and post secondary learners.

Meegan’s mastery of diverse areas of organizational development and strategy execution serves to distinguish her as a rare Jill of all trade who makes the impossible possible. She combines her strong research, marketing, analytical and ICT skills; with highly developed graphic design, tools development, web site creation, messaging, and social media skills to deliver insights, strategic thinking and change management solutions that reduces extreme evaluation anxiety, brings focus, calm, planning mindedness, confidence  as well as timely strategy review and adjustment.

She is a zealous practising disciple of the concepts of “Productive paranoia”; facilitator of organizational learning; transformational leadership; and “marketing and innovation” as the two functions of business. Meegan draws on those philosophies and commitment to help organizations to move away for copycat strategy development to generating, prioritizing and managing their own best fit. She is recognized for her keen eye for spotting gaps and opportunities; and for helping organizations to leverage them for increasing revenue, capability and enhancing their reputation.

She is able to apply developed and developing country experiences as well as to contribute from solid graduate level education in finance, accounting, and marketing and international trade law. Meegan studied extensively in the areas of evaluation, environment and environmental law. She holds a Bachelors of Social Science in International Relations; an MBA (Marketing and finance focused); the designation PMP, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Analysis.  She is trained and experienced in group process and experiential adult learning techniques as well as in the Technology of Participation (TOPs).

Meegan is available to help your organization from visioning; through to planning, execution, evaluation and executive training. She will share a case study on Caribbean Evaluators International soon.

Key Qualifications