The Beat Back Coronavirus Shutdown Revolution is here!

clock adTurn that clock back on for your Corporate Strategy Planning delivery timeline.

Don’t let social distancing and being socially responsible impact your future cashflow or key deliverables negatively.

After all budget cycles will stay the same whether the coronavirus ends tomorrow or Fall.

Besides, it is in times like these when there is rapid unforeseen environmental change that you need to engage in more frequent strategy planning, review  and updating exercises.

It is now that you need that objective external mind and hands to help you scan the environment and take control of your strategic issues worry list.

It is now more than ever that you need a critical friend to help your team with organizational learning, execution and strategy update. Working by remote requires discipline, technology and know-how, we bring two decades of experience to help you get it right.

We gave you the Wildhorse long before COVID-19. compass for ad

Yes, that friend and service delivery partner to guide and help you finish with a win during tough times.

So now we are even more present to help you stay calm and get the job done.

Message us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you with:

  • Organizational wide Corporate Strategy and Operations Planning by remote
  • Project and Programme Planning
  • Organizational Assessments (Evaluand? The organization not the human resources)
  • Scoping Studies and environmental scans
  • Work Team Facilitation & Coaching
  • Climate Finance Strategy Planning and Review
  • Project Reports
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Market Research and more.

Put your strategy planning in the hands of experts in government, non-profit, private sector and international development corporate strategy planning. We will help you with your 3 or 5-year Corporate strategy planning and plan preparation. Your one— year operational plan or related solution.

Get a trained and experienced corporate strategy planner and not just a facilitator to help you craft, articulate and communicate your strategy, plus execution and improvement support. Or a team of consultants including award winning strategy planning expert. Get planning with evaluation in mind.

Did you read media strategy planner? No!

Did you read human resource strategy planner? No!

You read corporate strategy planner.

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Ask about our backstopping solutions for consulting firms and independent consultants!

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We Made It in Time to Help You Succeed!

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Who is this piece for?

Organizational leaders looking to grow and improve their results in 2019.

We came packed with solutions to help you attain the ―competitive edge!

We are talking about help with

  • Getting strategic focus;
  • Setting growth indicators that are aligned with your personal and business ambition;
  • Working from your CEO’s hat versus from simply that of the operations manager― (to put it another way, we’ll help you with focusing and acting for driving balanced growth);
  • Creating an actionable corporate strategy plan― for guiding you, and your organization to achieving the tomorrow you want for your business;
  • Communicating your strategy to your team so your people will line up, fully committed, and working to deliver your strategy;
  • Market research for ensuring you are aware of changes in your environment that could quickly become threats, risks, or opportunities;
  • An evaluation, or an organizational assessment for boosting organizational learning, strategy execution, improved results, better understanding of and communicating your results, or all plus improved funder readiness;
  • Problem solving, or capacity building, and increased levels of understanding for getting the right job done. We bring― workshops, webinars, charrettes, ideation, strategic and creative thinking sessions. Ever hear about our Pepper Pot Sessions for tough conversations and problem solving?

We’re all about growth, improved results, your success, and our success when you succeed!

For the solopreneur, or small business leader― finding your “one drop” or rhythm for success can take longer.  Having us as a critical friend and success partner means the acceleration of that process.

You’ll notice the improvement as you prepare for, and move from one meeting to the next.

For the government department or non-profit organization, we’ll help you turn that evaluation spend into an investment in learning and growth for your organization, even as you meet your funder requirement.

But, why wait for a funder’s request to check on growth?

Why wait for an externally driven request to learn what is going well and what must be changed in your organization?  After all, you’ve got the mandate to run that show!

We know the many reasons, why you don’t get around to it, that is why we have designed, and will work with you to get this essential part of your work done well.

And that corporate strategy plan, we know how that missing performance management system can squeeze your strategy execution to a slow and painful death. We’ve got your back with that one too!

Join a new class, say goodbye to Grade C, and that painful 60-70% failure report for strategy execution!

Economic development agency managers, chief of party, cluster managers, leaders of incubators and accelerators you thought we had forgotten you. Not a chance!

We know why and where business incubation fails.

We know cluster members could use affordable help with strategy execution; we know businesses in accelerators need that objective critical friend or advisor.

We know why development and change projects fail to deliver up to 70% of intended results.

We know that economic development agencies can realize a higher ROI if they had a partner for helping their beneficiaries with execution, and or performance measurement and management.

Look yonder to the image above, we come with a journal to help you and your clients with journaling, reflection, learning, strategy adjustment and performance improvement.

We come with hold your hand care ―plus pressure and urgency to drive success!

We come with a pen, conversations, meetings, tools, and a watch to keep score, track, and help you adjust your strategy and improve your results in time!

Because we are Magate Wildhorse Ltd, we come as that trusted friend to help you through the tough time and to focus on what really matters.

Together we’ll sniff the roses, relax, have fun, share laughs on your way to exceeding expectations.

Expect evidence-based, facts, rigor, organized, planned, synthesis, results, and caring!

Get value for money as you define it!

Let us help you find your success rhythm!

Let’s get the conversation going, message us today!


Hi Meet Meegan & Magate Wildhorse Ltd

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Focus Group — Invitation Executing Strategy & Resource Constraints


We are recruiting participants.

Recruiting Focus Group Participantss

Recruiting Focus Group Participantss

Business Checkup — What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Is something wrong with this picture or is it just me?

What would you change about the time allocation in the chart above?

Have you been tracking how you allocate time spent in your business according to high value and low value activities?

If not its time to get back to your operations plan to see if you have been investing the required hours to each activity in order to deliver the results you desire. Match the reality of how you spend the typical day or week to your planned time allocations. Time translated means money and or life, since cash is the life blood of your business you need to ensure you have and effectively manage your time budget.

Now, if you have not yet translated your business or corporate strategy plan into an operations plan or weekly work plans then just track back down memory lane and estimate what your time allocation looks like. Next create a rough sketch of your own chart —do it on paper, in MS Excel or even MS Word.

Let that picture be your guide for improving and stepping up the discipline required to get the right things done. Don’t throw out your time checkup chart, file it with your monitoring reports.
Based on the insights gained from your chart make a plan for allocating time for ensuring the lion’s share of time goes to the most important activities for delivering strategy and profit.

Plan, there we go again — in the real world, the time plan might not go according to plan each day, but charting the time allocation to revenue and profit serves as a guide and your benchmark. Monitoring that plan will alert you to the need to adjust your time budget in order to catch up when you are falling behind. After all life happens even in business but with the right systems and mental training in place we can stay on top of things. You will find that with time your consciousness will act as a trigger to warn you about your time spend.

The easy way out.
Take a look at the same picture from another viewpoint


Click to enlarge image

Think about how you spend your work days and work weeks.
Can you spot areas in which you may have run the time red light in your business activities?

Create a Things To-do List and write down your high and low value business activities. Estimate and write down how much time it takes to deliver the most important ones. Estimate how long it takes to deliver the most time-consuming activities that must be done in order to complete other activities in your business process, place an asterisk beside those activities (Those are your bottlenecks).

Now assign time values (hours or days) or percentages of time required to deliver each activity on your list.
You can create the list in your diary, calendar or even on sticky notes (Bear in mind that you could lose your stick notes). You could even type your list into Outlook or other electronic calendar and set it as a recurring event so you receive a reminder at the start, mid-point and/or end of each week.

Those reminders will help you to monitor how you are doing with time. If you fail to manage how time is spent and cost time spent in your business you are sure to end up with a grade C or less on your business report card.

At the end of the day what is wrong with the picture or your version of the picture will depend on the following: your business and revenue models; production process; the service or product you offer; access to human capital; your strengths; your priorities; milestones and business growth objectives.

Thanks for sharing what should be changed about the picture above.
Let us know if the tips shared worked for you.

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All Rights Reserved

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