Wealth and Community Impact—COVID 19 and Beyond

Outride Community Impact and Wealth Creation

Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar

“Embracing risk for driving vision and growth”

The series is grounded in risk intelligence (RI). RI is that process of embracing risks and putting it to work for ensuring your business can survive or thrive during a crisis and beyond. It is also about value creation and protection. About delivering your vision and mission in the face of crisis as well as during the “normal”.

You are invited to join us for series seven in the Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar.

Edition title: Wealth and Community Impact—COVID 19 and Beyond

We are now in the action planning and execution phase of this Caribbean diaspora entrepreneurs business continuity initiative which also caters to and welcomes Caribbeans at home, other members of the BAME community as well as mainstream entrepreneurs, development and community service organizations worldwide.

When: May 28, 2020  |  Time: 2:00 PM EST  | Toronto & New York

Where: Online  | Registration detail below

Cost: Free

Featured Sessions include:

“Diaspora Investment Opportunities: Rechanneling Remittances Towards Productive Capital & Climate Finance” presented by  Marlene Street Forrest.

Marlene Street Forrest

Marlene Street Forrest is the Managing Director of the Jamaica Stock Exchange and Director of its subsidiaries [the Jamaica Central Securities Depository Limited (JCSD) and the JCSD Trustee Services (JCSDTS)]. She is the helmswoman for driving advances in the development of the JSE Group.  Ms. Street Forrest is charged with ensuring  the exchange operates within an atmosphere of transparency and fairness. And that it utilizes suitable cutting-edge technology for providing the greatest possible efficiencies to the market.  She contributes from a wealth of experience gained while serving in senior management positions at a variety of private and public sector organizations in Jamaica and overseas. She studied management studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona, and later gained her MBA from the Barry University in Florida.

The Joy Spot Motivation Talk with Theo Chambers.

Theo Chambers

Theo Chambers, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach Consultant, at CaribAcademy and Co-founder of Positive Tourism News (Jamaica). He is also the author of Theo’s Theory on Marketing and Management Strategies.

“ Delivering Impact—Strategic Planning, Assessment and Involvement” by Meegan Scott. This session will focus on strategy planning, organizational assessment, evaluation and involvement for delivering and improving results using the proposed core-periphery governance model with market mode plugged in.

The Marathoner

Meegan Scott, is the Principal at Magate Wildhorse Consulting. For almost two decades Meegan has helped organizational leaders across industries and geographical borders to get better results from their strategy development, planning, and execution processes.  She is the founder and owner of Magate Wildhorse Ltd. Her most recent in Caribbean engagements includes Climate Finance Strategy Planning, The First Ever Outsource to the Caribbean Conference (2017), business incubation, and  corporate strategy planner to the National Environment and Planning Agency of Jamaica.

Perspectives: Imperatives for moving MSMEs – Diaspora Direct Investment Strategy (DDI) and Not Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by Dr. K’adamawe A.H.N. K’nife


K'Nife in interview

Dr. K’nife is the Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Thinking and Practice (CETP). He is also a lecturer and researcher in the Mona School of Business and Management at The University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona. Dr. K’nife  holds a PhD in Sustainable Development and an MSc in Economics.

His areas of research are Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship and Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development. His research has informed the development of MSME and Entrepreneurship policies in Jamaica; as well as several international, national and sectorial strategic plans and programmes for sustainable community development within Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Event Rapporteur — Dr. Sophia Melanie Manning 

Dr Sophia Manning 2



Sophia Melanie Manning, D.Litt, MLA, BSBA, will capture, summarize and present the proceedings and  key outcomes of each segment. Dr. Manning is a professor of Humanities at Houston Community College.  She is also an independent researcher currently conducting a multi-phased collaborative ethnographic research project on global education.

Event features: Joy Spot activity, Mouth and Mind discussion, COVID 19 business community experiences (open mic―diaspora, in Caribbean, other representatives of BAME or mainstream peers), Elevator pitches & network, pipeline management & action planning.

Programme and Speakers (Click the link to view)

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Procurement officers and buyers in search of COVID 19 and other supplies are welcome to participate.

Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar is a global disapora entrepreneurs affair!                                                                                                                            Leaders of mainstream businesses with an interest in doing business with diaspora entrepreneurs are welcome to register for the match making and networking sessions.

Please note that this event is not just for small and micro-businesses, big businesses and big nonprofits can benefit also.

Stay safe have a laugh


Brought to you by Magate Wildhorse Consulting, and The Community of Practise for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (Home of BIDEM Conference & Trade Show)

Advance or maintain the progress.

You can’t spell BAME without the C.  The contribution of the Caribbean has been too significant.  The impact on the Caribbean community is significant and different BCAME (Black, Caribbean, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups) #BCAME    #BAME

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Order by phone at: 647-349-5679 | Visit them at: 1407 Queen Street West. |

Visit them at: https://www.facebook.com/Glory-of-India-Roti-Cuisine-709703675779265/

Source: blog.travelwithsmile.comwidth=

Source: blog.travelwithsmile.com

Source: Living in Goa almostfearless.com

Source: Living in Goa



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My first choice is the Malabar Fish Curry, a strong rival to the Restaurant’s signature dish―Butter Chicken. I will tell you straight up that I like small bony fishes that are rich in flavor and without thick chunks of flesh. But, the Malabar styled Fish Curry made with salmon, coconut milk and South Indian herbs & spices was finger licking great! Or should I say, finger licking awesome!

Like the Butter Chicken, favours just burst forth from the succulent fish dish. There was no smell of fish, the flesh was fresh and pinky orange; the orange tint from the orange brown curry sauce, this is definitely the fish lovers’ choice. I had both plain roti and basmati rice with my Malabar Fish Curry. The aroma of the basmati rice will waft up from the serving bowl to meet and delight your senses. Ben, Chef at Glory of India, knows how to make roti that is light, filling, somewhat papery and pleasant to touch. But the subtle buttery flavor of the roti is what has me hooked.

Besides the Malabar Fish Curry, there is the Salmon Curry, and Fish Tikka Masala.

If you’re not in the mood for vegetarian, fish, chicken, or shrimp you are sure to find something absolutely delicious in lamb, beef, or goat.

It would be mean of me not to tell you about the vegetable samosa, served with sweet and sour tamarind sauce. But, I won’t spoil the fun on this one, simply go and try it for yourself.

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―Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse

glory of India Sign