‘Outsource to the Caribbean’ Conference to be held in Jamaica

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December 6, 2017 at Rose Hall, St. James

What to Expect

The “Outsource to the Caribbean ” Conference aims to provide a major forum for stakeholders in nearshore outsourcing that is powered by robust English language capacity; multilingual capability in Spanish, French and Dutch; cultural affinity, similar time zone, a young highly educated workforce, tax and investor incentives, stable political environment plus reliable and cost effective broad band telecommunications and power supply.

The watchwords – explore, grow and succeed – drives the design and delivery conference for both investors and suppliers.

Conference plenaries, one-on-one meetings and action planning are designed to reduce risk and accelerate action and desired results at the intersection of the investor’s need to gain competitive edge and the inward investment objectives and aspirations of the Caribbean and individual member territories of CAIPA. Investors with an interest in opportunities that are in close proximity to North America or the Caribbean will gain access to information and insights not available in industry literature. They will also:

  • Make connections and build relationships for ensuring they can execute their business strategy;
  • Be equipped to better roadmap opportunities they discover for establishing or partnering in a BPO venture;
  • Find investment opportunities that enable them to live their corporate social responsibility commitment;
  • Meet with regional decision makers and register their needs and concerns;
  • Learn from the corporate and personal stories of BPOs who serve the Caribbean;
  • Co-innovate and disrupt with flexibility, focus and cost savings;
  • Discover solutions to meet their risk appetite;
  • Meet with regional heads and high-level decision makers;
  • Find opportunities to problem solve from lessons learnt and the meeting of minds;
  • Tour select supplier sites in Jamaica plus virtual tour other territories • Relax and obtain answers to their questions in the friendly environment of the conference and vacation spot:
  • Explore hard to bottom-line opportunities related to efficiency, effectiveness, cost, quality, incentives, talent, scale, utilization and experienced Caribbean talent.


    See program at: https://goo.gl/UHgwLo.

    Speakers https://goo.gl/XVvhSy

    Stay Connected…Share Your Thoughts … Ask a Question at: https://goo.gl/isJ47u

    Its exclusive and by private invitation so how do you get on the list of invitees? You must register in order to receive an invitation.

    Register at the link below. https://goo.gl/wawtY3 #occ2017




    Meegan Scott

Countdown to GEW 2017: Focused for Growth — What Do We Have in Store for You?

Of Special Interest to the Caribbean Canadian and Canadian Startup

In less than four days Canadians will join more than 160 countries round the world to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). This year GEW will be observed from November 13-19.

Each year millions of individuals benefit from GEW activities, among them are startups, more seasoned entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs and individuals who support entrepreneurs.

This year GEW celebrates its 10th anniversary, Canada and the Caribbean are a buzz with activities for promoting, advocating and supporting entrepreneurs, the spirit of innovation and job creators.

Magate Wildhorse, the Caribbean Camera, Windies Restaurant in Scarborough and our event partners from Canada and the Caribbean will provide learning, growth and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs in Canada and the Caribbean. The theme of those events is Focused for Growth.

We have been fortunate and honoured to have high-quality and expert presenters agree to partner with us for delivering the planned events free of charge to you. We’ll tell you who they are for each day’s event below.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 — Windies Restaurant, Scarborough

Focus for Growth —the Entrepreneur, a presentation by interview with Calgary based event partner Valerie MacLeod, Global Partner of the Haines Centre for Strategic Management and MaxImpact. And Dr. Marcia Brandon of Global Entrepreneur Network Caribbean.

Valerie MacLeod reducedValerie is a well-known industry expert, Business Coach and Strategic Facilitator. Dr. Marcia Brandon is an expert in youth entrepreneurship and the Acting Managing Director for Global Entrepreneurship Network Caribbean. Valerie and Marcia will share of their wealth of knowledge with the audience through the presentation of an interview and action session.

Participants will be able to submit questions for the presenters following the session. This session will focus on the entrepreneur, mindset and other attributes needed to succeed in business. It will also address the DNA of the Canadian and Caribbean Entrepreneur.

Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse will lead the participatory session Focus for Growth—the Organization. Meegan is an experienced strategy planner who have served in business incubation in the Caribbean. One lucky small business will win a Pepper Pot Strategy Execution Session to be delivered on the 16th.Meegan prof

Session three will be a presentation on Small Business Income Risk and Protection. This session will be delivered by a Toronto based financial industry expert.

Thursday, November 16th — Windies Restaurant, Scarborough

Pepper Pot Strategy Execution Session

Watch this space for updates there might be another surprise event for you at this location on the 16th.

Online 5:30 – 6:30 PM

Fintech: Access to Finance & Alternative Financing.  A free webinar to be delivered by Telly Onu of Quintessence Consulting in St. Kitts. It aims to inform non-tech as well as tech entities headed by entrepreneurs who have difficulty securing funding about alternative solutions and how to access them.

TellyadjMs. Onu is an expert in entrepreneur capacity building, business acceleration and financing SMEs. She is currently a Fellow at the Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre for Climate & Sustainable Energy Finance. The webinar will be held on November 16th details are available on the GEW web site, Magate Wildhorse Facebook Page and Eventbrite.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

The series of events will come to a close on the Saturday the18th with The Grand Finale — Eye to Eye Virtual B2B Networking. The eye to eye event aims to connect entrepreneurs looking for partners, services and service delivery partners who can be their bridges into new markets. Consultants who are entrepreneurs will be interested in this global event.

eye to eye virtual network GEWweb

Thursday, November 9, 2017 —Voices from the Caribbean and Canada

The Camera Caribbean has dedicated space in this week’s issue of the Paper for bringing the voices from the Caribbean together with those from Canada to share how they will celebrate and the impact of GEW for them. Their messages will be shared in the Views on News column.

Special thanks on behalf of The Caribbean Camera and Magate Wildhorse to those who contributed to making the shared voices a reality.

It is important for young Caribbean Canadian entrepreneurs to understand and connect with the roots of their culture of entrepreneurship as well as for Canadian entrepreneurs to understand the DNA of Canadian entrepreneurship so they can come to getter to deliver great solutions.Marcia Brandon

Voices from the Caribbean and the session entitled Focused for Growth—the Entrepreneur will provide opportunities to learn and share. The term young entrepreneurs is used in reference to any entrepreneur who is in the early days of their career journey as an entrepreneur regardless of their age. We therefore welcome those entrepreneurs who are 40 and over who are starting a business as the next step in their career journey.

Register for an Event on Eventbrite, GEW Web site or Magate Wildhorse on Facebook.

The Caribbean culture and heritage of entrepreneurship is still to come into its own in Canada.  It must be exposed, promoted and supported in order to stimulate the growth of entrepreneurial Caribbean Canadian businesses by both youths, newcomers and the more established Caribbean Canadians.

We could call it getting multicultural with the wholesome and rich Canadian and Caribbean traditions of enterprise, entrepreneurship and supporting business.

 We look forward to seeing you in Scarborough as well as online!

Stay connected @magatewildhorse. Find out more at:The Caribbean Camera

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Focused for Growth Event Flyer


GEW 2017 Magate Wildhorse Flyer

Be with us for this must-not-be-missed free event for Entrepreneurs and those considering the call to entrepreneurship.

Thank you for sharing with your network and/or clients.

Stay Connected on Facebook at: https://goo.gl/JwqLGJ

Event detail: https://goo.gl/U8samu

R.S.V.P/ Tickets: https://goo.gl/8gyz8Q

Who Is the Young Entrepreneur in 2017?

The face of the young entrepreneur has changed.

Who is Today's Young Entrepreneur.Today many individuals in their mid-forties and even sixties have had to find and to turn to their entrepreneur within in order to solve problems or to make a living.

Many are not lucky to be entrepreneurs of opportunity; in fact, a large number are entrepreneurs of circumstances.

Those entrepreneurs often have an urgent responsibility to care for potential and youth entrepreneurs in addition to providing for themselves. The potential and existing youth entrepreneurs are their children. They must feed them, they must provide shelter, health care, entertainment, education, hope and inspiration for them.

Retirement for those older young-entrepreneurs is just around the corner and those entrepreneurs must accelerate the growth of their businesses and increase their earnings in order to meet the cost of health care, shelter and entertainment during retirement.

If they fail, today’s youth entrepreneur could face a high financial and emotional burden of care for their parents in a couple of years. They may find that their best efforts and winning ideas never come to fruition because their parents are not able to help them to build capacity and execute to match or exceed the pace of change.

Some of those older young-entrepreneurs are immigrants in North America, the Caribbean, Europe and elsewhere in the world—they must also be recognized, celebrated, inspired and supported to succeed despite the constraint of size and resources.

Those older young-entrepreneurs are sometimes challenged by even greater difficulty in accessing financing for operating and growing their businesses. Some come to the world of entrepreneurship near-drowning in debt—be it from student loans, mortgages or from years of being underemployed or unemployed. Perhaps their financial challenge is the result of the financial burden they carried or carries in caring for their families.

At Magate Wildhorse our focus will be on young entrepreneurs irrespective of age even as we encourage youths to grow the entrepreneurial mindset and to find their entrepreneur within.

We want to encourage the serial entrepreneurs looking for success to stay on course. We are here to help them on the path to being focused for growth and to achieve growth.


Grit in the hours of darkness by Meegan Scott


Grow and hold your grit!

What will it take for you to succeed?

You need ideas and solutions for real problems, strategy, tactics, an updated or novel business model, flexibility, risk intelligence, risk management, performance and customers with pockets to pay for your solution.

You also need performance management and measurement, a solid in-house or adjunct team of supporters, grit plus finances for supporting you and your business as you grow together.

A lonely journey — by Meegan Scott

Be ready to embark on a lonely journey during the early days.


Be ready to act on your gut feelings and to take intelligent risks.

Don’t forget insurance, door openers, mentors and competent help with execution.

Still, you’ll have to juggle many hats!

Know your purpose, passion and aspiration!

For the Canadian entrepreneur know your Canadian Entrepreneur DNA and leverage it.

For the Caribbean entrepreneur in Canada and in the Caribbean know your Caribbean Entrepreneur DNA and leverage it.

Be ready to trim and focus.

Have an exit strategy that is grounded in your focus for growth.

If you don’t make it in your current business what you learnt should serve as key ingredients for successfully exiting one enterprise and to successfully grow another.

Hence the phrase “if you are in the same business you started in five years ago you are likely out of business”.  This does not necessarily mean a new business. It could mean that the business you started have grown and evolved; but it could also mean that you must exit the old business and start another.

Be real! Be true! Know what it means to be focused for growth. Know what focused for growth should look like for you and your business given your circumstances, then act to grow.

I wish for you the greatest success in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Meegan Scott


What You Need When Execution is the Challenge!


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