Fat or Weight is Not the Issue–Where It Sits On Your Body Might Be.

Being overweight does not mean you are unhealthy or at risk for debilitating diseases such as diabetes and strokes. It does not mean you are less fit than many who are thin. Many who are thin walk around with a ton of health issues not known to some of us plus sized beauties. The problem is where the weight sits on your body, unless of course you are morbidly obese, even then you can be in better health than someone who is very slim. So focus on maintaining your plus size beauty around waistline management if you have no major health issues. If you already have one or more weight related health issues, then waistline management is still applicable to you.

This where Lean + Green Tea, ActiveBlendz Control, Burn + Control Coffee, ActiveBlendz Rush, and ActiveBlendz Fiber+ can help you. Select one, two or three for variety. If you like, have them all so you never get bored.

To learn more about how each product can help you to manage your weight or to improve your health if you are already struggling with a weight related illness please click the Our Products tab at the following link, http://www.myjavita.com/xlelegance.

The microwave made life in the kitchen easier, we seized the opportunity.

The washing machine made life easier in the laundry, we seized the opportunity. When it comes to weight and your health there are new opportunities why not seize them?

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Beyond Education and Awareness Creation—To Real Social Marketing Solutions for Weight Loss

Read more if you are a medical doctor or nutritionist who help patients with their weight loss and related health issues such as diabetes and hypertension. Read more if you struggle with weight loss or weight related health issues.

It’s time to get beyond awareness creation and education when it comes to helping your patients, clients or family members to achieve their weight loss goals, manage their diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol.  It’s time to provide a real social marketing solution–that is something that works for them.

I mean a solution that is doable, affordable, easy to find, and does not require a major lifestyle or image change. Because it is doable your patient or loved one will be able to sustain their effort to lose weight as well as lose and keep the weight off. They will no longer struggle with the frustration or gains and losses that comes with high maintenance cost including routine, budget or lifestyle changes which make them sustainable for only a short period of time.  JAVITA offers a range of product solutions that are within the individual’s daily routine and budget! It means sticking with the program is easy and success with weight loss will also be easy and sustainable.

Most people drink coffee so why not offer Burn + Control Coffee which cost less than a regular cup at the Coffee Shop?

What about those who don’t drink coffee? There is Lean + Green Tea.

There is no denying that long work hours often disrupt meal times resulting in a rush for sweets or carbs when starvation sets in.  For individuals with metabolic problems there is the additional challenge of spikes in energy and blood sugar levels.  But there is a simple solution for this problem, just have on hand a stick of ActiveBlendz Rush. Pour it into a bottle or glass of water, shake or stir, and drink for extra energy and time to wait to sit and enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal.

javita productsEach stick gives energy and control and contains no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Both ActiveBlendz Rush and Control are perfect for conditioning the body for less calorie intake in the afternoon while adding needed energy and focus. ActiveBlendz Control is perfect for jumpstarting the metabolic process, supports fat burning, and definitely helps to reduce cravings.

Medical professionals will tell you that today weight is not so much the issue for many, the real problem has to do with where the weight sits on the individual’s body. The waistline is one area in which weight must be controlled if health is to be preserved. Lean + Green when used alone or in combination with ActiveBlendz Control or Burn + Control goes to work on the waistline.  The slimming effect on the waistline is very noticeable.

The body was meant to move about and to be exercised, whether the goal is to lose weight or to find extra energy for getting the most out of each workout session, all that is required is a stick from the range of products mentioned above, a bottle or a glass of water, shake or stir and drink.  The products are tasty and can be had hot or cold in order to enjoy an optimal workout.

Fiber+ is a new addition to the range of products, it presents additional control when it comes to portion and calorie intake.  Fiber+ also comes in a convenient stick and is mixed in a bottle or glass of water and taken before a meal for fiber plus the feeling of fullness.AB_Fiber_packets-200x200

So what’s so special about these teas, coffees and beverages that make them work? The combination of ingredients, the growing environment of the ingredients, processing, packaging plus convenience.

For instance, the Lean + Green Tea comes packed with Garcinia Cambogia and Gymnema Sylvestre.

Of five top plants used as alternative treatment for weight loss and related health issues one returned no reported side effects, that was Garcinia Cambogia (Potential of Traditional Medicinal Plants for Treating Obesity: A Review, pg. 3).

Burn + Control Coffee is infused with Yerba Mate and Garcinia Cambogia. In addition, to the delicious pineapple and tangerines Rush is packed with tea and coffee extracts, while Control contains Garcinia Cambogia, Gymnema Sylvestre, Pomegranates and Concord Grapes.

The Green tea in Javita’s Lean + Green is grown in the Shizouka, a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.

Give your patients, clients, or yourself real options and proven solutions for managing or losing weight. The products are also safe for children. Find out more by clicking on the Our Products tab at the following link http://www.myjavita.com/xlelegance. You may also request an even more detailed product catalogue or samples by using the contact us button at link provided.

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Fiber+ —For Health and Weight Loss

AB_Fiber_packets-200x200Need more fiber in your diet?

Need help with portion control?

Introducing… an affordable and easy to take wherever you go source of fiber, just what you need to help you with portion control. Have just the right amount of calories that you need each day with Fiber+.  Pop a stick into a glass of water for that full feeling before your meal. There, it’s that easy with ActiveBlendz Fiber+.

AB_Fiber-Carton-Right-3D-r2-200x200ActiveBlendz Fiber+ another real, practical, convenient, and affordable health and weight management solution from JAVITA.  Why go to war if you don’t have to? Let ActiveBlendz Fiber+ fight the battle of portion control for you. It goes straight to the heart of portion control–one of the biggest enemies in the battle against weight gain. With ActiveBlendz Fiber+ you are in control of your calorie intake.

Click the following link to find out more about Fiber+  https://www.scribd.com/doc/296762281/Fiber-Citrucel-Comparison.

Order yours at: http://www.myjavita.com/xlelegance.

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Three Ways in Which a Theory of Change May Be Used When Conducting an Evaluation

    1. The theory of change is used to provide a visual illustration of the expected impact (An expected impact diagram).
    2. It may be used as a visual for distinguishing among the different levels of hierarchy of results that is intended for the initiative. In other words, it is used to make distinct the intended outputs, outcomes, and impact as well as the predicted or expected causal linkages among them.
    3. It serves as the basis for developing evaluation questions and for formulating the judgment criteria.
    The judgment criteria usually serve as the basis for arriving at a conclusion or for making a pronouncement on the effectiveness and sustainability of the evaluand.


Image Source: Examples of Theories of Change
Collated and annotated by Isabel Vogel (consultant) and Zoe Stephenson, DFID EVD, July 2012

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