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Here’s where you knock for the enterprise-wide three to five year plan, or the one  year annual strategic operational plan that will guide the delivery of your organization’s mission and vision.


There is a big difference between a functional strategic plan and a corporate strategy plan.

There is a big difference between a strategic marketing plan and a corporate strategy plan.

There is an even bigger difference between a corporate strategy plan and a corporate events plan.

There are also big differences in the processes for preparing each of the plans referred to above.

Corporate Strategy Planner? Corporate Strategy Plan? You heard right!
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Warning: Copycat strategy planning does not happen here. Get in touch if you are looking for a plan that is relevant to your organization and you are ready to work!

When the horse is not well it makes little sense to take it to the auto mechanic in order to make it well again.

All plans are delivered complete with performance measures and targets; work plans; monitoring and evaluation calendar; and guidelines. You may request a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool as part of your solution.


What do monkeys, mimics, and macaws have in common?

New Year’s Deals on Business Planning and Program Evaluation Solutions


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Get Yours Today – Proposal for Corporate Strategy Planning Solution

Request Your Proposal for Corporate Strategy Planning and Plan Development Solution.

Solution includes: Free Performance Measurement and Reporting Tool

WintersRFPBasic Proposal

  1. Executive summary (1 Page)
  2. Project scope, approach and methodology (2 Pages)
  3. Project management approach, Work Plan and Timeline (2 Pages)
  4. Practise and Consultant(s) Experience and Qualifications (1 Page)
  5. Detailed financial proposal with itemized pricing (1 Page)
  6. References (1 Page)
  7. Practise/Firm Overview

Basic Deliverables Proposed: 3-5 Year Corporate Strategy Plan; Planning Workshops & Board Retreat; Stakeholder and Market Research; Review or Organizational Results; Performance Management System; Performance Measurement and Reporting Tools; Strategic Plan Presentation to StakeholdersWinterstrategyplanRFPad

Available add-ons:

  • 1 Year Strategic Operational Plan
  • Organizational Assessment & Development Report
  • Change Management Workshop
  • Routine support with performance measurement and reporting

Integrated in solution: Systems thinking, outcomes, and results-based approaches; SMART and SMARTER Indicators


  • A statement or bullet points of factors driving the need for the strategic planning exercise
  • Expectations for the strategic planning exercise and Plan
  • Available period for Planning and deadline for solution
  • Overview of your organization and legal structure (Nonprofit, For-profit, Department of government, other)
  • Contact for project sponsor and or purchase decision maker
  • Your special wish for a smooth and fun planning exercise

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