Magazine Publishing Opportunity― Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Researchers!

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Closing soon!  Last Call for Papers!

Tell us about the entrepreneur or professional who does not need visibility?


Here is your chance to fulfill the your duties of authorship―one often-forgotten by entrepreneurs.

For researchers and academia― here is your chance to share your subject matter expertise and thought leadership on topics related to business, organizational strengthening, performance management, international business, diaspora entrepreneurship, business and sustainable development, marketing and behavior change, international trade finance, and consulting.

Entrepreneurs―Canadians, Caribbean immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs, Caribbeans at home, entrepreneurs in the African diaspora, Black Americans and other interested business-persons, here is your chance to share your original 580-1200 words free of charge.

Tell our audiences about your area of business experts.

Besides the topics highlighted above we are interested in pieces that address entrepreneurship, and management that are by and or related to Caribbean Immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs (all Caribbean diasporic markets), indigenous and founding nation Canadians, Black and non-native speakers of English entrepreneurs and consultants in North America, Africans in the diaspora and at home.

Guest authors from all corners of the globe are welcome.

Pieces that shares tips on image, dress, executive presence and how to do it on a budget.

Marketing collateral that work in the 21st Century.


See Poster for topics.

The best 580-1200 words about your business, and or area of expertise.

Share tips

Share articles on an area of expertise and a problem your currently seek to solve through your business.

Or pick your topic and share based on the following topic:

  • Your line of business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Market Systems Development
  • Evaluation
  • Management Consulting
  • Business & Sustainable Development
  • Marketing
  • Tips for entrepreneurs
  • Tips for non-profits and governments and other partners in international development

Deadline: Midnight, Sunday, October 27, 2019

Submission Guideline:

The Noësis: Double-Blind Peer Review Guidelines 2019

About the publication

Call for Papers —The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Performance Magazine (2019)

Publishing opportunity

The Noësis | November 2019, Fall Edition


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Business Plan & Strategy Planning Solutions


Business Plan & Strategy Planning Solutions

“I got an A for my business plan”. These words are music to my ears when a client gives me feedback after visiting with a potential funder.

These words can be music to your ears as well. Let us help you craft a business or strategy plan that is designed to guide you to achieve the competitive edge.

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Annual Strategic Operational Plans – Now on sale!

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1 Yr. Annual Strategic Operational Plans
For― Small Medium and Micro Sized Enterprises | Businesses | Government Departments | Donor Projects & Programs |Charities | Associations | Solopreneurs | Start-ups

You are now funder ready or have received funding and is up and running. Perhaps you are a business that is financed by owner investment, and or partner/ shareholder investments. You have one or more of the following: a solid strategy; a business plan; or corporate strategy plan; program charter; funder agreement; and or corporate objects and is struggling to decide how to organize and get the work for advancing your mission, vision, mandate or goal done!

We can help you to craft the right work plan for ensuring:

  • you get the work that matters done
  • you are able to meet organizational, funder, client, stakeholder, and regulatory reporting requirements
  • you are able to exceed the expectations of customers, members, clients, or other stakeholders
  • you deliver solutions that are relevant and win you more contracts or opportunities
  • You are able to measure progress made in delivering your goals, objectives, and targets for the period

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3 Yr. Program Plans – Now on sale!


3 Yr. Program Plans 
Nonprofit Organizations & International Development Project Solution

Available now, results-based plans and planning solutions that are designed to guide you to deliver― planned results; impact; and financial viability. Time and resource constraints make it difficult for many nonprofit organizations, charities, quasi-government, and international development projects to craft a plan and strategy that is enhanced by rigorous adjustment for strategy and business risks.

We guarantee you will receive a plan and supporting performance management tools that suits your needs; and one that does not add undue burden on your existing resources.

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Business Plans – Now on Sale!


3 Yr. Business Plans

Small Medium and Micro Sized Enterprise Solution

Because we know that sole proprietors and small businesses are often strapped for time, cash, and access to expert help for putting their business plans into action; we prepared a special solution for you! Staying on track is tough when you are joggling all that is required to survive and to ensure the success of your business.

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Need a strategy and plan that you understand and can put into effect?
Risk or uncertainty tied to marketing, sales, operations, finance, or strategy can cripple your sales or kill your business.
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Business Plans


Corporate Strategy Plans


Program & Project Plans


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Annual Strategic Operational Plans (Strategic Plans)


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The DNA of Results Plus Corporate Strategy Plans

Your only fear―planned and expected results will be delivered!


Thought you heard Corporate Strategy Planner?
Yes, you heard right!

Here’s where you knock for the enterprise-wide three to five year plan, or the one  year annual strategic operational plan that will guide the delivery of your organization’s mission and vision.


There is a big difference between a functional strategic plan and a corporate strategy plan.

There is a big difference between a strategic marketing plan and a corporate strategy plan.

There is an even bigger difference between a corporate strategy plan and a corporate events plan.

There are also big differences in the processes for preparing each of the plans referred to above.

Corporate Strategy Planner? Corporate Strategy Plan? You heard right!
Aha! Now we can get talking.

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We definitely want to hear from you, if your organization is an executive agency of government; an international development project; a private sector entity; or third sector entity with a broad mandate.

Warning: Copycat strategy planning does not happen here. Get in touch if you are looking for a plan that is relevant to your organization and you are ready to work!

When the horse is not well it makes little sense to take it to the auto mechanic in order to make it well again.

All plans are delivered complete with performance measures and targets; work plans; monitoring and evaluation calendar; and guidelines. You may request a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool as part of your solution.


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