‛Twas the night before Christmas Eve 2016

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‛Twas the night before Christmas Eve
And sure, enough folks were all a stir.
In the land of Magate Wildhorse, Santa Claus had checked the list not twice but thrice and sure enough a deck of card was to be delivered by Christmas Eve.
For when we asked of our supporters “Who do you know that should receive a gift of the Magate Wildhorse Planning experience?”

One passionate supporter sent an entrepreneur our way.
He hung his stockings early for his list had grown to five.

  1. An organizational assessment
  2. A 3-yr business plan
  3. A business case
  4. A Hoshin grounded operational plan (1-yr), and
  5. A PowerPoint Deck for communicating his business plan

He knew he needed two, but we asked those crucial questions— the answers to which gave us that view below the iceberg and so we knew he needed four. He shared his vision and we knew he was not naughty but nice.  So, we added him to our Santa’s list to make sure he got all four.

While getting ready for funding opportunities there came his early cry for a business case, and that we added to his wish list.  He took his case to a funder and for that he scored an “A”.

Armed with a risk adjusted business plan; the know-how for using insurance and investment for supporting his risk intelligence strategy, his big business mind is growing even bigger.  So, on the night before Christmas Eve we were happy to deliver that PowerPoint Deck to help him take that other step towards next level.

But Santa stopped by us also, for Magate Wildhorse he left the gift of —promised, delivered. And on the Eve of Christmas Eve he gifted us with a warm handshake from an old client; that handshake sang the melody of rich relationships built.

Thanks to all our clients and supporters for sending us off to 10th heaven through the opportunity to help you or a deserving friend to succeed.
Merry Christmas and we look forward to serving you even better in 2017.

Ho ho ho!

All rights reserved ─ Copyright © 2016 by Magate Wildhorse ℠

Business Plan & Strategy Planning Solutions


Business Plan & Strategy Planning Solutions

“I got an A for my business plan”. These words are music to my ears when a client gives me feedback after visiting with a potential funder.

These words can be music to your ears as well. Let us help you craft a business or strategy plan that is designed to guide you to achieve the competitive edge.

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Get a planning solution that gives you the handle on strategy or business risk; then guide your business to success.
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Here’s where you knock for the enterprise-wide three to five year plan, or the one  year annual strategic operational plan that will guide the delivery of your organization’s mission and vision.


There is a big difference between a functional strategic plan and a corporate strategy plan.

There is a big difference between a strategic marketing plan and a corporate strategy plan.

There is an even bigger difference between a corporate strategy plan and a corporate events plan.

There are also big differences in the processes for preparing each of the plans referred to above.

Corporate Strategy Planner? Corporate Strategy Plan? You heard right!
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When the horse is not well it makes little sense to take it to the auto mechanic in order to make it well again.

All plans are delivered complete with performance measures and targets; work plans; monitoring and evaluation calendar; and guidelines. You may request a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool as part of your solution.


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