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Press Release ― Magate Wildhorse Consulting Announces US Operations

Magate Wildhorse New York Office Launch

Phone: 1 (647) 854-5323

Email: magate.wildhorse@gmail.com


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Magate Wildhorse  Consulting Announces US Operations

Canadian Strategy and International Development Consultancy expands to the U.S. with its top-notch organizational effectiveness solutions

Toronto, Canada―Known for relevant and collaborative consulting and execution solutions, the Strategy and International Development Practice announces the launch of its first U.S. operations.

The company brings its top-notch, affordable solutions across the border to New York― its US-based home. Magate Wildhorse offers a full menu of strategy and improvement solutions. Included in its service offer are corporate strategy, *performance (PMM), marketing, trade, private sector development and environment-related solutions.

“Establishing a presence in the US has been on the table for sometime now”, said Meegan Scott, founder of Magate Wildhorse. “The team―including our board and partnering associates are fired-up by the opportunity to serve US-based clients in-market in addition to virtually”.

The company is focused on doing more work in international trade, trade finance, climate finance strategy planning, and related execution support. High on its list of interest are research, design and coaching of teams in network entities who are delivering climate finance strategy solutions.
Among the solutions that the company offers to government departments, international development partners, donors, executives, NGOs and businesses are:

  • market systems development
  • measurement and reporting on results for private sector development programmes
  •  entrepreneur capacity building
  • organizational assessments
  • evaluation
  •  post implementation reviews
  • research
  • training
  • one-on-one strategic execution coaching and consulting
  • program management support
  • and corporate strategy planning.

“Hidden gem services” include the organizational effectiveness and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) combo, designed to help governments to finance critical sectors and key development initiatives that lay stuck in the funnel because of inadequate funding. Near solutions are also available to private sector entities.

Governments looking to strengthen their investment strategy plans and to grow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will also find tailored-to-fit and affordable options.
The “creative director and design solutions” for packaging, events and toy making is among the exciting new decade of the ’20s solutions that have been rolled out by the company. That service desk is backed by an award winning, 10-year veteran with significant experience serving Asian markets.

Commodity traders, financial institutions and law firms involved in international trade finance, development strategy and policy will gain benefits and cost savings from utilizing available backstopping services.
While the company expects the bulk of its business in New York to come from government, NGOs and organizations involved in international development, it has developed a menu of solutions for Caribbean and African diaspora organizations and their leaders. Among them are non-profit corporate strategy planning, programme planning, evaluation and learning, behavior change marketing and organizational assessments.

Prospective clients can expect an adjunct team or individual expert to help them get to root cause and problem identification or both; help with finding solutions, alternatives or recommendations that they co-develop and own. Solutions come with strategic communication for ensuring shared understanding, commitment and action that drives change and strategy delivery.

“Now that we can sit across the table in the same location, US based clients can feel more confident in our local presence and commitment to serving them”, said Scott.

Like Magate Wildhorse Ltd in Toronto, Magate Wildhorse Inc., New York is synonymous with the key words “quality, affordability, relevance, evidence-based, and results-driven”.


*Performance (PMM), organizational performance management and measurement


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About Magate Wildhorse
Established in Toronto in 2013, Magate Wildhorse is a merger of three former Caribbean-based entities and the Toronto operations. With more than two decades of experience, the company was among the earliest providers of strategy and development solutions through virtual or the blend of remote and on-site modes. It stands by its commitment― Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success, despite the constraint of size.

It is served by a global network of partnering associates and entities, and is known for quality, affordability, relevance, evidence-based, and results-driven solutions.

magate.wildhorse@gmail.com | 1 (647) 854-5323

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Celebrating One ― The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs Say I do Anniversary

Say, I do!

Bigger better Caribbean Immigrant businesses with an ethnic flavor!

Say I do to bigger better businesses for peers and partners with no Caribbean roots!

It’s time to write a different history for growing and scaling a business in the diaspora.

Come help us create a different future, and write a new history in growing entrepreneurs, collaboration, and mainstream immigrant businesses with an ethnic flavor. Let’s do in collaboration with Canadians of all ethnicities and no history of family business.  Let’s do with African Americans, Black Canadians, Non-native speakers of English to North America, Africans in Africa, Caribbeans in the Caribbean.

Researchers, academia, and entrepreneurs from all ethnicities and countries from which the DNA of Caribbeans come.

Say I do, to collaboration, cooperation, market meeting, market sharing, talent swapping, deliberate seeking out and financing our businesses, visibility, authorship, research, meeting of minds.

Mastery of entrepreneurship!

Join the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs!

“The CoP”.

You are not just another entrepreneur, but an amazing entrepreneur consultant, professional service provider, manufacturer, or other entrepreneur.  Your business sphere? Local or global!

Find out more:

Write to the CoP Secretariat― Email: magatewildhorse@gmail.com

The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (CoP), is Not a STARTUP COMMUNITY

Why Bother with a CoP for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1174311986005774

Upcoming Events

Whys and Wherefores ― Friday, May 10, 2019  at 6:00 PM Eastern

Planning Charrette ― Thursday, May 16, 2019

Join from wherever you are in the world!

Request additional information at: Email: magatewildhorse@gmail.com

See you there!

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Stakeholder Invitation: Born Global & Born-Again Global Businesses―South Africa

focus group women-led management consulting businesses South Africa SMEs small medium sized enterprises

You are invited to participate in a focus group consultation with women-led entrepreneurs and professional service providers in the management consulting sector (Including international development consultants).

Deadline extended

Registration has been extended to January 25, 2019

Dates: December 13- 29, 2018

Time:  10:00 am – 11: 30: am | 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm | 2:00 pm – 3: 3:30 pm    | 12:00 noon – 1:30 pm | 5:00 pm – 6: 30 pm (SAST)

Time Commitment: 45 mins to 1 ½ hours

Location: To be provided by Email upon receipt of R.S.V.P.

Participation: South Africa


  1. To identify what factors, influence the decision of leaders of South African women-led management consulting businesses to sell their services abroad (Internationalize).
  2. To better understand the pathways and process they use to service markets or customers who are not residents of South Africa.
  3. To find out how local, diaspora, and other foreign networks influence and accelerate the internationalization process of small and medium sized management consulting firms in South Africa.
  4. To better understand the role of networks in increasing available financing, by-passing geographic border restrictions, firm capacity in terms of human capital, and technology.
  5. To determine what role if any networks play in helping with market and customer identification, size of earnings, and the growth trajectory of sales.
  6. From the discussions we also hope to learn about the role of other foreign and local networks in facilitating internationalization and the scaling-up of the born global firms versus born-again global firms (Those business who intended to export since inception versus those who decided to benefit from exporting at a later stage in the life of the organization).

The consultations are a part of a larger research that is intended to provide new knowledge and important insights into the process of internationalization.  It also aims to understand the impact of networks (including diaspora connections, suppliers, partners, customers, and other social connections) on the process and outcomes of internationalization among women-led management consulting firms in South Africa.

It is our hope that the findings will inform decision-making for improving the support given to entrepreneurs as well as to help women entrepreneurs to take actions for accelerating the pace of growth of their businesses.

To compensate you for your time, we will provide you with a copy of the research finding.  And a chance to win a free pass to one of our upcoming educational events.

Confidentiality: Please note that your name and any identifying information you share with us will be kept confidential. Your responses will be summarized along with other responses and used collectively to help guide decision-making. No names or identifying information will be used when compiling this information.

Privacy: Your contact information will not be shared with third-parties, nor will it be used for sharing marketing or other related information. 

Participation in the stakeholder engagements are by invitation only. Please indicate your interest to receive an invitation, if selected to participate. Please R.S.V.P. by December 18th to participate in a meeting between December 13th and 18th, or to coordinate attendance by a designee, by contacting Meegan Scott at magatewildhorse@gmail.com or by calling 1(647) 854-5323.

Thank you in advance for including your full name, Email contact, business or services offered, country and city in which your business is located. Links to company or professional web sites are also welcome.

Facilitator: Meegan Scott
Magate Wildhorse Ltd

South Africa Flag


Toronto based strategic management consultancy now accepting new clients

Toronto-based, worldwide, remote, blended, face-to-face, now accepting new clients for statistics, research, and operations research solutions

Magate Wildhorse Ltd, is currently accepting new clients for statistics, research, and operations research solutions.

Our solutions include:

  • Strategic market research
  • Marketing research
  • Environmental scans
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • Statistical Research
  • Government Ministers’ Research help
  • Research design; and
  • Operations research solutions.

Services are available worldwide by remote (virtual), or blended mode.

Schedule a client connect and clarify session today!
Contact us: Phone: 1(647)-854-5323, Direct Tweet, or Direct Message
Send us an Email: Email

Leading our research and statistic arm is Partner Associate, Dr. Daniel Maposa.
To learn more about Dr. Maposa, senior lecturer and expert in statistics, and operations research please visit the link below.


Magate Wildhorse Ltd.
“Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success, despite the constraint of size.”

ZA Women-led Small and Medium Sized Business Owners Invited to Participate in Research on Going Global

A random selection of women-led small to medium sized business owners and managers in South Africa will be invited to take part in a study that will provide valuable insights to inform a forthcoming Paper as well as the academic, and entrepreneur support communities on the process of internationalization among such entities in the context of a developing country.

The Paper is the first in a series that will feature, South Africa as a developing country; it will be followed by a second that is focused on Caribbean consulting businesses in the Diaspora. The Paper on South Africa aims to increase the pool of literature that is available on how and why internationalization takes place in women-led consulting businesses that fall in the category small to medium sized entities (SMEs).

Magate Wildhorse Ltd, Dr. Daniel Maposa, and Dr. Zakaria Sorgho will ensure that stakeholders have a say in framing, planning and conduct of the research. Dr. Maposa is a lecturer in the Department of Statistics and Operations Research in the School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences, Faculty of Science & Agriculture, at the University of Limpopo and Magate Wildhorse Associate. Dr. Sorgho, is a research fellow at the Department of Economics, HEC-Liège, University of Liège (Belgium), and Economist-in-Chief at African Centre for International Trade and Development – ACITD. He is also an Associate Researcher at Centre for Inter-disciplinary Studies on International Trade and Investment (CSITI), Laval University (Canada).

The findings of the research will be shared with a wide cross section of stakeholders and communities.

The study will provide insights into the role of networks and diaspora connections in the internationalization of the entities studied.  In addition, it will present a comparison of the outcomes of born global versus born-again global entities and the factors that triggered the move to serve foreign markets.

The research will be guided by Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans , all data collected will be anonymized and stored in a safe and secure manner.

For more information about the study or the paper please contact lead researcher, Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse Ltd, at magatewildhorse@gmail.com or 1(647) 854-5323.

magatelogogreen  born global and born-again global South African  Women-led Online Surveyfocus group women-led management consulting businesses South Africa SMEs small medium sized enterprises

Environmental Scanning Solutions – PESTEL Analysis & SKEPTIC Scans +

Environmental Scanning solutionEnvironmental scanning solutions for risk intelligence and risk management needs. We will conduct environmental scans and present the findings for your strategic marketing, corporate strategy planning, policy development, project planning or organizational assessment need. We make it easy for management to see how the external environment does and could impact a market, policy, program, strategy, project or the organization in the future. Get your eyes on emerging trends, strengthen your forecasting, get a better understanding of factors, issues, variables and causal relationships. skeptic scanAsk for a PESTEL or PESTLE Analysis, SWOT, SKEPTIC Scan, PEST, STEEP, SLEPT, STEEPLE, PESTER or model of your choice. Let us help you test those assumptions and make decisions with insights from rigorous analysis.

Request your solution today!

Phone: 647-854-5323 or click here to leave us a message.