Press Release ― Magate Wildhorse Consulting Announces US Operations

Magate Wildhorse New York Office Launch

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Magate Wildhorse  Consulting Announces US Operations

Canadian Strategy and International Development Consultancy expands to the U.S. with its top-notch organizational effectiveness solutions

Toronto, Canada―Known for relevant and collaborative consulting and execution solutions, the Strategy and International Development Practice announces the launch of its first U.S. operations.

The company brings its top-notch, affordable solutions across the border to New York― its US-based home. Magate Wildhorse offers a full menu of strategy and improvement solutions. Included in its service offer are corporate strategy, *performance (PMM), marketing, trade, private sector development and environment-related solutions.

“Establishing a presence in the US has been on the table for sometime now”, said Meegan Scott, founder of Magate Wildhorse. “The team―including our board and partnering associates are fired-up by the opportunity to serve US-based clients in-market in addition to virtually”.

The company is focused on doing more work in international trade, trade finance, climate finance strategy planning, and related execution support. High on its list of interest are research, design and coaching of teams in network entities who are delivering climate finance strategy solutions.
Among the solutions that the company offers to government departments, international development partners, donors, executives, NGOs and businesses are:

  • market systems development
  • measurement and reporting on results for private sector development programmes
  •  entrepreneur capacity building
  • organizational assessments
  • evaluation
  •  post implementation reviews
  • research
  • training
  • one-on-one strategic execution coaching and consulting
  • program management support
  • and corporate strategy planning.

“Hidden gem services” include the organizational effectiveness and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) combo, designed to help governments to finance critical sectors and key development initiatives that lay stuck in the funnel because of inadequate funding. Near solutions are also available to private sector entities.

Governments looking to strengthen their investment strategy plans and to grow Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will also find tailored-to-fit and affordable options.
The “creative director and design solutions” for packaging, events and toy making is among the exciting new decade of the ’20s solutions that have been rolled out by the company. That service desk is backed by an award winning, 10-year veteran with significant experience serving Asian markets.

Commodity traders, financial institutions and law firms involved in international trade finance, development strategy and policy will gain benefits and cost savings from utilizing available backstopping services.
While the company expects the bulk of its business in New York to come from government, NGOs and organizations involved in international development, it has developed a menu of solutions for Caribbean and African diaspora organizations and their leaders. Among them are non-profit corporate strategy planning, programme planning, evaluation and learning, behavior change marketing and organizational assessments.

Prospective clients can expect an adjunct team or individual expert to help them get to root cause and problem identification or both; help with finding solutions, alternatives or recommendations that they co-develop and own. Solutions come with strategic communication for ensuring shared understanding, commitment and action that drives change and strategy delivery.

“Now that we can sit across the table in the same location, US based clients can feel more confident in our local presence and commitment to serving them”, said Scott.

Like Magate Wildhorse Ltd in Toronto, Magate Wildhorse Inc., New York is synonymous with the key words “quality, affordability, relevance, evidence-based, and results-driven”.


*Performance (PMM), organizational performance management and measurement


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About Magate Wildhorse
Established in Toronto in 2013, Magate Wildhorse is a merger of three former Caribbean-based entities and the Toronto operations. With more than two decades of experience, the company was among the earliest providers of strategy and development solutions through virtual or the blend of remote and on-site modes. It stands by its commitment― Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success, despite the constraint of size.

It is served by a global network of partnering associates and entities, and is known for quality, affordability, relevance, evidence-based, and results-driven solutions.

CONTACT: | 1 (647) 854-5323

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Dr. Daniel Maposa joins Magate Wildhorse as lead Associate, Statistics and Research


Lecturer, Department of Statistics & Operations Research, School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences, Faculty of Science & Agriculture, University of Limpopo, South Africa; and Associate Statistics and Research Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

Daniel Maposa, B.Sc. Hons, MSc, PhD

By Meegan Scott

Magate Wildhorse Ltd. is pleased to announce that Statistics, and Operations Research Expert and Senior Lecturer, Dr. Daniel Maposa has joined us in the capacity of Associate, Statistics and Research.

Daniel will bring a significant boost to our research, statistics, and operational research capability. He will ensure that we take our evidence-based promise to the next level. Dr. Maposa is a welcomed addition to the Magate Wildhorse family; and more so in this our Iron Year of Truth and Good.

Dr. Maposa holds a PhD in Extreme Value Statistics, a Master of Science in Operations Research and Statistics, and an Honours degree in Applied Mathematics. He has published more than 21 research articles in internationally accredited journals including Taylor & Francis Group, Copernicus Publications, Inderscience, Crop Research.

Daniel has addressed international conference audiences in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa.

Dr. Maposa is a registered professional natural scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat.) in Statistical Sciences & Mathematical Sciences and is a member of the International Statistical Institute (ISI), the South African Statistical Association (SASA), and the Operations Research Society of South Africa (ORSSA).

Meegan Scott, is excited by the opportunity to grow a rich partnership with Dr. Maposa as we work together for delivering greater value to clients and communities.

Partner Associate Dr. Maposa, please click the link for details.

Marvin Hokstam joins Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs


Hokstam says, “We will deliver the vision of the CoP we gon do this fah real”.

Marvin Hokstam joins Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs as partner to rally and connect Dutch Caribbean Diaspora to the Community of Practice Holland Suriname St. Maarten Curaçao, Holland, The Netherlands, The Netherlands Antilles, Community of Practice for Entrepreneurs with Caribbean roots in the Diaspora Say It Loud Afro Magazine corporate announcement

Marvin Hokstam, Journalist, Writer, Educator

By Meegan Scott

The Community of Practice (CoP), for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs is pleased to announce Journalist, Educator, and Writer Marvin Hokstam and the Hox Projects as our newest partners.

Marvin will ensure entrepreneurs of Dutch Caribbean heritage in the Diaspora― will be connected to the Community of Practice and that the CoP will speak the language of the Dutch Caribbeans at home and abroad.

That he is committed, and has hit the ground running is demonstrated by his sharing of information about the CoP with members of the Black and Caribbean Community in the Netherlands through the “Say It Loud Afro Magazine”.

Marvin is no stranger to leading initiatives for facilitating the social and economic development of the Caribbean, and Black Communities.  He founded Devsur (Suriname’s only English language news web site) and served as correspondent to the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) for ensuring the people of Suriname would be kept up to date on happenings in other CARICOM member countries and vice versa.

From his adopted home―Holland, he serves as a connector of the Black, and Caribbean Communities; and is a freelance journalist on migrant matters, to the AD Haagsche Courant.

Earlier this year Marvin was elected to the Black Member Council of the British, National Union of Journalists.

Marvin has served as editor to the Today News and Journalist to the Daily Herald, as well as in Communications Consultant roles.  He is the owner of the media consultancy Hox Projects (

Mr. Hokstam hails from Suriname, and has lived in St. Maarten.  Marvin, has a solid education in journalism, including a post graduate degree in Marketing, Communications, and Journalism from Bournemouth University.

I’m sure you’ll join me in extending a hearty welcome and best wishes to Marvin as he acts to open and connect the Dutch Caribbean Diaspora to the CoP; and its markets to CoP members; and their markets to the Dutch Caribbeans in the Diaspora.

Raise your likes, comments, and Salute to Marvin!