‘Outsource to the Caribbean’ Conference to be held in Jamaica

Reprinted from: Magate Wildhorse Google Plus

December 6, 2017 at Rose Hall, St. James

What to Expect

The “Outsource to the Caribbean ” Conference aims to provide a major forum for stakeholders in nearshore outsourcing that is powered by robust English language capacity; multilingual capability in Spanish, French and Dutch; cultural affinity, similar time zone, a young highly educated workforce, tax and investor incentives, stable political environment plus reliable and cost effective broad band telecommunications and power supply.

The watchwords – explore, grow and succeed – drives the design and delivery conference for both investors and suppliers.

Conference plenaries, one-on-one meetings and action planning are designed to reduce risk and accelerate action and desired results at the intersection of the investor’s need to gain competitive edge and the inward investment objectives and aspirations of the Caribbean and individual member territories of CAIPA. Investors with an interest in opportunities that are in close proximity to North America or the Caribbean will gain access to information and insights not available in industry literature. They will also:

  • Make connections and build relationships for ensuring they can execute their business strategy;
  • Be equipped to better roadmap opportunities they discover for establishing or partnering in a BPO venture;
  • Find investment opportunities that enable them to live their corporate social responsibility commitment;
  • Meet with regional decision makers and register their needs and concerns;
  • Learn from the corporate and personal stories of BPOs who serve the Caribbean;
  • Co-innovate and disrupt with flexibility, focus and cost savings;
  • Discover solutions to meet their risk appetite;
  • Meet with regional heads and high-level decision makers;
  • Find opportunities to problem solve from lessons learnt and the meeting of minds;
  • Tour select supplier sites in Jamaica plus virtual tour other territories • Relax and obtain answers to their questions in the friendly environment of the conference and vacation spot:
  • Explore hard to bottom-line opportunities related to efficiency, effectiveness, cost, quality, incentives, talent, scale, utilization and experienced Caribbean talent.


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