My Checklist – Getting Ready for Business Growth 2018

Warning! This is only for entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who are serious about growth and active strategic thinking?

How serious are you about getting value for your consulting, marketing or strategy execution dollar?

If you are very serious you will act to ensure your service provider knows and give you exactly what you need for the best price and in time — we’d like you to help us to be the ideal service provider.

This will take a few minutes and real thinking, so let’s get started right away.

After you have helped us to get it right we’d like you to try this for your business or organization too.

But don’t stop there we’d also love to hear from you regarding how it worked for you.

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How to Help

Help us to bring the action section of the table below to life by answering one or more questions in the Action panel. Thank you for typing the question number along with your answer.

We thank those who answer all of our questions.

Students and academics are also welcome to share.

Click here or the link below to view table in PDF format.

table help get 2018 right. v.2.0

table help get 2018 right2

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“Early bird catches the fattest worm”.

Get ready to grow in 2018 and thank you for helping us to grow along with you.

Hey, do this for your agribusiness too!


Meegan Scott

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