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Be among the first 100 to spot and grab a great solution for improving the results of your team and organization.

Pepper Pot Lunch ℠ — made to fit strategic conversations, root cause analysis and problem solving solution for organizations and their champions of change.
Its hot!, Its rich! Its flavourful! Its about your problem and your solution.

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What’s Your Big Three – Tough Conversations at Pepper Pot Lunch?

Pepper Pot LunchSM !    pepper hotconversation

What in heaven’s name is that?
Hold the spoon and bowl for now — read on to find out what we are serving up for your team and you.
Facilitated strategic management conversations—that drive commitment, strategy alignment and help your organization to grow a culture of performance and improvement.
During the week of May 8 to 12, 2017 we are giving organizations a chance to name from  1 to  3 tough conversations that they would love to have a facilitator help them with in a lunch hour session [Only one challenge, or tough issue will be dealt with in a session].
Message or Emails us with your top 1, 2, or 3.
You might get lucky and win a free session.
After all we are spreading the love around as we celebrate 5.
To find out even more check  out the video at the following link:
Click that contact us button, share and be included in the draw for a free session today!
Conditions apply!
Share and Win
Share this post via Twitter, LinkedIn and or Facebook for a chance to win a free Pepper Pot Lunch Session for your favourite charity or business. Share using #PepperPotAct. At the end of May, we will select the winner by a random draw of those who shared across the three social media channels listed above. The winner may choose a 60-min. or a 90-min. session. If you are outside of GTA you will be required to choose a problem that is suitable to a Virtual Pepper Pot Lunch℠, most sessions are designed for face-to-face interaction though many are suitable for virtual [Monitor or big screen TV required].
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