The Caribbeans, Outsourcing & KPO Opportunities

When it comes to Outsourcing– the Caribbean currently operates in the area illustrated by the blue box with the purple arrow and orange boxes in the image below.


Where Caribbeans operate in the Global Services Value Chain

Figure 0.1. Section of GVC Upgrading Trajectories for Selected Developing Countries in the Offshore Services Value Chain (Selected Central America and Caribbean Countries) From: Fernandez-Stark, Karina, Penny Bamber, and Gary Gereffi. “The offshore services value chain: upgrading trajectories in developing countries.” International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development4.1-3 (2011): 206-234. [Online] Available at: <> [Adapted by Meegan Scott with permission].

The opportunity for really taking a bite into the US$ 88.9 Bn. offshore market alone means we have to be playing in the green box — the KPO area.

Among the kinds of solutions offered in the KPO area are: legal consulting, business analytics, market intelligence and medical transcription.

Lawyers, Engineers, Business Graduates, MBAs, IT Professionals did you hear your name called?

  • Are you ready!
  • Does it fit your business strategy?
  • Is it time to strategy adjust?

It is not that difficult to do.

If you are ready and interested, what services would you love to deliver?

Looking to hear from members of the Caribbean Diaspora as well.

Thanks for sharing your view and aspiration!

I find this topic to be worth considering with so many graduates searching for decent work and on the heels of the Outsource to The Caribbean Conference 2017 (OCC 2017).

Click here to find out more about non-tech job titles and remuneration in the KPO Sub-Sector.

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