Magate Wildhorse Inc. Celebrates June 2020 as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Magate Wildhorse Inc Caribbean American

Congratulations to the Caribbean Americans who have worked to ensure the significant contribution of the peoples of the Caribbean to the USA is observed and celebrated.

We join you in celebrating June 2020 as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

We celebrate the works of those who delivered the impact that made the observation justified through their different contributions. Whether the helped to  build brand USA, secure its people, make it a better place, or advance progress towards the delivery of the  American dream without their contribution there would be nothing to celebrate.

We therefore thank Caribbean Americans who deliver the benefits of immigration to both host and home countries.  Immigrants and their descendants who through sharing their cultures enrich the ones they joint and help to spawn and grow innovation and innovative solutions.  We celebrate those who through their presences have erased mistrust, assumptions, fallacies, and misinformation that drives suspicion and devices among people from different places and with diverse cultural practices or skin colour.

Congratulations and thanks to Andrew Sharpe and Authentic Caribbean Foundation for ensuring June is celebrated as National Caribbean American month in Massachusetts.

We thank the US Government for officially recognizing the contribution of the people of Caribbean descent.  A people whose culture and contribution is so different that one cannot accurately spell BAME without the “C”. Let us get it right and in celebrating Caribbean include all the ethnic groups of the Caribbean who have contributed to one of the most solid and diverse culture there is on earth—from music to cuisine, to languages and to the very features of its people.

Let us dedicate this month to celebrating, highlighting, owning, and observing, but also to advancing plans and actions for driving social and economic development and increased levels of community impact by not some but by all Caribbean Americans.

Let us turn the magnifying glasses on problems and our minds, strategies, plans, hands, and resources on solutions that demonstrate the symbols of freedom, independence, and the capacity to self-determine. To prevail against all odds together even as we contribute as to building home and host countries.

As a Caribbean corporate citizen, Magate Wildhorse Inc., looks forward to playing its part in collaboration with our partners, clients, Caribbean Entrepreneurs, and families in the USA.

Coincidence can be great. Minutes before the release of the proclamation we stopped to remind the work that we are there to serve from New York.

Make this a happy, entertaining, and productive observation and celebrations.

We are here to play a role in strengthening businesses, entrepreneurs, departments of government and non-profit organizations. In sharing the Caribbean culture and of course getting involved in the virtual parties.  Don’t miss the next three in our Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar it might just be the solution for helping you with your pivot.

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Magate Wildhorse Inc. is a proud Caribbean Corporate citizen of the USA.

Authentic Caribbean Foundation best wishes to you as you help to kick-off the celebrations.

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Held Over by Popular Demand — Outride COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar

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By Meegan Scott                                                                                                                May 16, 2020

Held over by popular demand!     

The Outride COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar series which was scheduled to break from May 7 to August 2020 before resuming to support planning and execution has been extended.

Attendees at the season finale — “Outride COVID 19: Diaspora Supply Chain― Who’s Who”, indicated that they had come “to look forward” to the sessions and felt any break would disrupt the rhythm, strides, and future impact of the programme.  Members of the gathering therefore decided to play more active roles for ensuring the series continue uninterrupted.

The proposed break was intended to facilitate analysis of research conducted and the application of learning from the five seminars and its exit COVID 19 assignment for participants. However, participants are willing to take on the challenge without meeting holidays.


 During last Thursday’s event Meegan Scott proposed and presented a hybrid of the core-peripheral network governance model with integrated market mode— for governing and coordinating the initiative.

The core-periphery structure is often used for driving resilience because it allows for connectivity,  idea generation, and information flow including in emergencies or shocks.  The flow can be intensified or scaled down as required to for drawing in the public and private sectors and civil society as needed.

However, significant changes in culture, practice, and the need to develop key industry market sectors, entrepreneurship in diasporic markets along with other social and economic challenges (to be addressed by our organizational leaders in partnership with key stakeholders and duty bearers in the third, public and higher education sectors in host and home countries) required a market mode input for delivering effective coordination and the development of efficient markets.

Outriding COVID Together

The series commenced on April 16th with the theme  “Embracing risk for driving vision and growth”.  Value creation and preservation;  and risk intelligence as a “new normal” in doing business and driving growth among both mission and profit driven organizations were major sub themes. Inclusiveness, contribution to host and home country economic recovery by twinning purpose and profit was another major sub theme.

Accordingly, the gathering explored opportunities for advancing the shared and different development objectives of host and home countries as well as the profit and purpose objectives of the participating organizations as a key focus of multiple sessions.

Holding Each Other Accountable

The series were designed to better understand the COVID 19 impact and responses of Caribbean diaspora organizations as well as to support organizational leaders and provide them with information for ensuring they could act to make their entire strategy house and businesses more risk intelligent competent, agile and adapted to survive or thrive during COVID 19.

In recognition of the need to bring the entire Caribbean community on the journey of change and transformation, we focused on civil society or community organizations and how they could be strengthened and involved for accessing and distributing needed development resources available to Caribbean diasporans, but which currently sit on the table while communities at home and in host countries fail to be benefit.

We also found it important to ensure Caribbean is not lost in BAME hence our reference to BCAME (Black, Caribbean, Asia, and Minority Ethnic Groups) during the series.

Many Caribbeans are not of African descent, the cultural treasures and accomplishments of the Caribbean, its music, its cuisine, it art and entertainment forms reflects the contribution, investment, melting and blending of indigenous peoples, Africans and Europeans, Asians (Chinese, Indians, Javanese and others), Jews, Mediterraneans, North Africans and other groups. While loaded with African retention the culture of the Caribbean is boldly distinct; and the contribution of diasporans to host markets is significant.

The development of many art forms was supported by Caribbean governments, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs and the returns on those investments should go to Caribbeans and be branded Caribbean it should not be submerged in African culture or a single diaspora brand. Moreover, the complexities of problems faced by the both diasporic groups comprise of similar and different challenges, which require different and relevant eyeball attention and surgical interventions as well as collaborative measures.

Participants in the series are determined to the take the necessary steps that will enable them to deliver their vision and missions in the face of COVID 19.  Among the areas covered were:

  • Risk intelligence
  • Strategy Planning for Outriding COVID 19
  • Agribusiness Sector —Market Intelligence Planning & Response
  • Customer Service, Value & Sales
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Nonprofit Governance and Response
  • Risk Intelligence for Outriding COVID 19 —Key Questions, Practical Responses for SMEs
  • Outride COVID 19: Diaspora Supply Chain― Who’s Who
  • Disaster Risk Financing: CCRIF, Climate Risks and COVID-19
  • Digital Transformation – Process Pivots for COVID 19 and Beyond
  • COVID 19 Risk Intelligence: Are Your Legal Rights Protected in This Time of Uncertainty?
  • Supply Chain― Diaspora Who’s Who for Outriding COVID 19 as well as a network governance model for cooperation and leveraging intelligence for improving diaspora and home country outcomes.

The series also featured global participation, a Joy Spot motivational speech and activity segment, Mouth and Mind panel discussions, COVID 19 business community experiences (open mic―diaspora, in Caribbean, other representatives of BAME or mainstream peers), Elevator pitches  and networking sessions.

The pivot of one technology company was facilitated at the very start of the series.  Others will follow during the planning and execution phase.

Our Speakers

Among the speakers who gifted our participants with their messages and knowledge were Mark Brown, 1995 World Champion of Public Speaking; Professor Amit Kapoor, President & CEO of India Council on Competitiveness, Honorary Chairman at Institute for Competitiveness;

Leo M. Tilman, President and CEO of Tilman & Company;

LaShanda Henry, Web Business Strategist and Digital Content Creator & Founder of SistaSense;

Albert Ramsay, Financial Advisor at APSOL;

Dr. Mythili Kolluru, Assistant Professor-College of Banking and Financial Studies, Oman & Magate Wildhorse Consulting;

Shariful Islam, Market Systems Development Specialist, PHAMA Plus and Country Manager PNG, Market Development Facility;

Theo Chambers, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach Consultant, at CaribAcademy and Co-founder of Positive Tourism News;

Gina Sanguinetti-Phillips, Program Manager at Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF SPC);

Jennifer Clémence Graham, Managing Director and Senior Consultant at JG&G Consulting Services Inc.;

Philip Bedward of Pathways;

Andrew Sharpe of  Authentic Caribbean Foundation; Rudi Page of Making Connections Work;

Tannisha Scarlett, Life Media Productions Ltd (F.I.L.M. Productions Ltd.) and Agri Views; Loretta N. Green Williams of Caribeme Magazine; and Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse Consulting.  Rapporteurs included Lester de Souza, Counsel, Barrister & Solicitor and Manager, Impact Galaxy; and Tonny Ng’uni, Principal Consultant at Magton Ltd (Zambia).

Roy Page of Asterix Tourism Services Ltd and Dr. Roy Davidson of UNI Healthcare Inc were significant contributors to the discussions. Henry Madnani, Assistant Manager, Client Servicing at 10 Times shared the vision, timeline, and work in-progress for their pivot to a trade show and exhibition platform during the premiere edition.  The premiere edition was sponsored by Magate Wildhorse and 10 Times, in a pivot partnership facilitated by Magate Wildhorse.

The Caribbean Camera was our ethnic media attendee who helped us to share with audiences beyond the gathering. The  Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) at Ryerson University also held us to get the word out.

To our dedicated speakers, participants, and media partner we say a Big Thank You!

In the video we leave you a few reminders and points for consideration as you commence your exit COVID gallop.

If you would like to join us for this free programme please register at:

For ensuring you are included in the supply chain and factored in for support interventions please complete questionnaire below if you will not be participating in the series.

Career and Professional Development Opportunities— Caribbean & Latin American Immigrants, Afro-Caribbeans & CoP Members without Caribbean roots

Meegan Scott (for),                                                                                                          Magate Wildhorse Consulting and The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

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Outride COVID 19: Diaspora Supply Chain― Who’s Who

Supply Chain Seminar

Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar

“Embracing risk for driving vision and growth”

The series is grounded in risk intelligence (RI). RI is that process of embracing risks and putting it to work for ensuring your business can survive or thrive during a crisis and beyond. It is also about value creation and protection.

You are invited to join us for series five in the Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar.

Diaspora Supply Chain― Who’s Who

This edition will present:

  • industry update related to supply chains and the impact of COVID 19
  • strategies for making your supply chain more resilient
  • information sources for enabling you to shore up your supply chain or
  • to benefit from business opportunities presented by big business and government looking to secure their supplies and de-risks their supply chain

When: May 14, 2020  |  Time: 2:00 PM EST | Toronto & New York

Where: Online  | Registration detail below

Cost: Free

Event features: Joy Spot activity, Mouth and Mind discussion, COVID 19 business community experiences (open mic―diaspora, in Caribbean, other representatives of BAME or mainstream peers), Elevator pitches (The first 20 registered to per series), networking session

.Featured Sessions include:

Disaster Risk Financing: CCRIF, Climate Risks and COVID-19, presented by Gina Sanguinetti-Phillips, Program Manager at Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF SPC).   In attendance will be Elizabeth Emanuel, Sustainability Management Team Lead, CCRIF

Gina Saguinetti Philips 2

Gina, is an expert in sustainability and environmental policy management. She is a former Environmental Education Advisor to the National Environment and Planning Agency of Jamaica, and American Journal expert.  Her academic background spans the fields of engineering, computer science, environment and sustainability.

Digital Transformation – Process Pivots for COVID 19 and Beyond, presented by Jennifer Clémence Graham, Managing Director and Senior Consultant at JG&G Consulting Services Inc. expert in IT, Business Process Re-engineering and digital transformation

Jennifer Graham

Jennifer brings “25 years of professional credibility working worldwide as a management and business consultant for her firm JG&G Consulting Services Inc., providing professional services to executives in Financial Services, Governments, Healthcare, IT, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Utilities, and in other industries.

Ms Graham is an SME in OCM, ITIL, project and portfolio management, change management, process re-design, and their related tools, techniques and strategies. She has extensive experience as a speaker, facilitator, and trainer in the corporate environment, and has taught at Universities and Colleges”.

The MarathonerMeegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse Consulting will address the topic “Supply Chain― Diaspora Who’s Who for Outriding COVID 19” as well as present a network governance framework for cooperation and leveraging intelligence for improving diaspora and home country outcomes. For almost two decades Meegan has helped organizational leaders across industries and geographical borders to get better results from their strategy development, planning, and execution processes.  She is the founder and owner of Magate Wildhorse Ltd. Her most recent in Caribbean engagements includes Climate Finance Strategy Planning, business incubation, and  corporate strategy planner to the National Environment and Planning Agency of Jamaica.

Theo Chambers

Theo Chambers, Motivational Speaker and Business Coach Consultant, at CaribAcademy and Co-founder of Positive Tourism News (Jamaica) will deliver the Joy Spot, Motivational Talk.

Theo is also a tourism expert, author and former president of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce.


Other speakers at the seminar will include Philip Bedward of Pathways, Andrew Sharpe of  Authentic Caribbean Foundation and Rudi Page of Making Connections Work and rapporteur, Tonny Ng’uni, Principal Consultant at Magton Ltd (Zambia).

Diaspora Supply Chain― Who’s Who  is the fifth and final of  in the series of business continuity and growth seminars which will be followed by execution and improvement interventions.

Registration Options

New to the series

To receive your access link to the seminar please register at the link below.

Returning attendees

Email us at magate.wildhorse (at)  or click here.                                                Copy and paste the following in the subject line and body of your Email                          “Register me for Diaspora Supply Chain― Who’s Who for Outriding COVID 19 ”  please include your name.

All attendee must click the join meeting link provided before the start of the meeting to receive your unique log in credentials.

Procurement officers and buyers in search of COVID 19 and other supplies are welcome to participate.

Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar is a global disapora entrepreneurs affair!                                                                                                                            Leaders of mainstream businesses with an interest in doing business with diaspora entrepreneurs are welcome to register for the match making and networking sessions.

Please note that this event is not just for small and micro-businesses, big businesses and big nonprofits can benefit also.

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Brought to you by Magate Wildhorse Consulting, and The Community of Practise for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (Home of BIDEM Conference & Trade Show)

Advance or maintain the progress.

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