Magate Wildhorse Inc. Celebrates June 2020 as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month

Magate Wildhorse Inc Caribbean American

Congratulations to the Caribbean Americans who have worked to ensure the significant contribution of the peoples of the Caribbean to the USA is observed and celebrated.

We join you in celebrating June 2020 as National Caribbean-American Heritage Month.

We celebrate the works of those who delivered the impact that made the observation justified through their different contributions. Whether the helped to  build brand USA, secure its people, make it a better place, or advance progress towards the delivery of the  American dream without their contribution there would be nothing to celebrate.

We therefore thank Caribbean Americans who deliver the benefits of immigration to both host and home countries.  Immigrants and their descendants who through sharing their cultures enrich the ones they joint and help to spawn and grow innovation and innovative solutions.  We celebrate those who through their presences have erased mistrust, assumptions, fallacies, and misinformation that drives suspicion and devices among people from different places and with diverse cultural practices or skin colour.

Congratulations and thanks to Andrew Sharpe and Authentic Caribbean Foundation for ensuring June is celebrated as National Caribbean American month in Massachusetts.

We thank the US Government for officially recognizing the contribution of the people of Caribbean descent.  A people whose culture and contribution is so different that one cannot accurately spell BAME without the “C”. Let us get it right and in celebrating Caribbean include all the ethnic groups of the Caribbean who have contributed to one of the most solid and diverse culture there is on earth—from music to cuisine, to languages and to the very features of its people.

Let us dedicate this month to celebrating, highlighting, owning, and observing, but also to advancing plans and actions for driving social and economic development and increased levels of community impact by not some but by all Caribbean Americans.

Let us turn the magnifying glasses on problems and our minds, strategies, plans, hands, and resources on solutions that demonstrate the symbols of freedom, independence, and the capacity to self-determine. To prevail against all odds together even as we contribute as to building home and host countries.

As a Caribbean corporate citizen, Magate Wildhorse Inc., looks forward to playing its part in collaboration with our partners, clients, Caribbean Entrepreneurs, and families in the USA.

Coincidence can be great. Minutes before the release of the proclamation we stopped to remind the work that we are there to serve from New York.

Make this a happy, entertaining, and productive observation and celebrations.

We are here to play a role in strengthening businesses, entrepreneurs, departments of government and non-profit organizations. In sharing the Caribbean culture and of course getting involved in the virtual parties.  Don’t miss the next three in our Outride: COVID 19 Business Threat Seminar it might just be the solution for helping you with your pivot.

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Magate Wildhorse Inc. is a proud Caribbean Corporate citizen of the USA.

Authentic Caribbean Foundation best wishes to you as you help to kick-off the celebrations.

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