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Organizational leaders looking to grow and improve their results in 2019.

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  • Getting strategic focus;
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  • Communicating your strategy to your team so your people will line up, fully committed, and working to deliver your strategy;
  • Market research for ensuring you are aware of changes in your environment that could quickly become threats, risks, or opportunities;
  • An evaluation, or an organizational assessment for boosting organizational learning, strategy execution, improved results, better understanding of and communicating your results, or all plus improved funder readiness;
  • Problem solving, or capacity building, and increased levels of understanding for getting the right job done. We bring― workshops, webinars, charrettes, ideation, strategic and creative thinking sessions. Ever hear about our Pepper Pot Sessions for tough conversations and problem solving?

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Interview with Dr. K’Nife ― Caribbean Diaspora, Entrepreneurship and The CoP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Making a chilly Saturday evening warm with a commitment to the winds of change for taking Caribbean Entrepreneurship in the Diaspora and in the Caribbean to the next level is Dr. K’adamawe K’Nife. He is the Director of The Centre for Entrepreneurship Thinking and Practice (The Centre), at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus. Dr. K’Nife and the Centre will partner with the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (CoP) to deliver capacity building, research, foster inter-regional and Caribbean Diaspora collaboration.

Join us as Dr. K’Nife shares on entrepreneurship, trends, tradition, and the ecosystem for supporting Jamaican and Caribbean entrepreneurs, the Caribbean diaspora, Diaspora Direct Investment, Jamaica, and the CoP Opportunity. Dr. K’Nife also addresses the potential of entrepreneurship and business as a possible glue for driving regional integration.

With Dr. K’Nife is Meegan Scott, of the CoP Secretariat, and Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

Brought to you by The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs.

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Why Bother with a CoP for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs?

To start, I have two questions for you.

  1. Do you believe that the Windrush scandal would have happened if the Caribbean immigrant population was a high demand and preferred demographic at the business or hiring table?
  2. Do you believe the high rates of deportation of individuals of Caribbean heritage from North America  and Europe would be happening if we had managed to change our social and economic results?

Why bother CoP the community of practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs Whys and Wherefores CoP rationale, purpose of the Community of Practice

  • The need to improve the social and economic outcomes of Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurs & the community in all Diasporic markets.
  • The need to close the entrepreneurial experience gap between Caribbean immigrant entrepreneurs and their counterparts in OECD and other Diasporic Markets.
  • The need to better leverage the Diaspora for growing strong businesses, that solve big problems, create jobs, and grow wealth for entrepreneurs, families, the Caribbean Community, host, and home countries.

problems faced by Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs problems challenges the CoP Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs seek to solve

  1. The gap in entrepreneurial experience between Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and their counterparts in OECD and other diasporic markets.
  2. Sparse markets and networks for supporting growth of sales and scaling in local and foreign markets
  3. Insufficient literature on the practice, pathways, and processes of Caribbean entrepreneurship, and the culture of Caribbean entrepreneurs in the Diaspora and at home
  4. The need for more High Performing Caribbean businesses. That includes moving Caribbean Immigrant businesses beyond the micro and small business categories with incomes less than $500,000 per annum
  5. The need to increase the attractiveness, desirability, and feasibility of entrepreneurship among Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (The Immigrant and Caribbeans at home).  And in particular, the English-Speaking Immigrant who is “least likely” to start and grow a business in OECD countries
  6. Lack of experience in building business networks
  7. Difficulty and lack of access to community and traditional financing for businesses
  8. Challenges associated with “foreignness’”, lack of confidence, and the perception of the colour of entrepreneurship (especially as it relates to high value services and other intangibles)
  9. The missing presence of the Caribbean immigrant entrepreneur in all our ethnic blends and diversity (The need to promote and tell our stories as entrepreneurs, the how of telling those stories)
  10. The need for an accessible vibrant and connected Caribbean Diasporic Market Place
  11. The need to speak the language of our roots and markets we want to serve
  12. The need to build entrepreneur capacity in business
  13. The need for mentors, as well as to close the entrepreneurship experience gap through active learning, knowledge, skills and resource exchange
  14. The need to create more jobs for Caribbean immigrants within our communities and to catapult Caribbean immigrants into the high demand, high income/ high earning potential demographics (Making the Caribbean immigrant a preferred demographic)
  15. The need to improve the social and economic outcomes of Caribbean immigrants and their contribution to their adopted homes and home countries.
  16. The need for rigorous quantitative and qualitative research for delivering relevant solutions for our entrepreneurs as well as for serving markets (A real market research hub for entrepreneurs, supporters, and facilitators of Caribbean entrepreneurship)
  17. The need for an affordable, accessible space for creating the change we want to see through our own commitment and actions. The need for more symbols of the practice of freedom, independence, and power of our people and communities to chart our own destiny.

But how are we going to do all this?

To find out,  join us for Whys and Wherefores of the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs in your own time.  Get the whys, rational, and how. Share in the ongoing discussion.

The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs is owned by its members. Join it! Own it! Benefit without spending a penny on member subscription.

For immigrant entrepreneurs with Caribbean roots, researchers, and Caribbean immigrant and entrepreneur support organizations. Find out about the 5 member seats for Caribbeans in the Caribbean— only 2 still available.

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CoP Whys and Wherefores cover

Find out how you or your organization can become a CoP partner or member.

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Magate Wildhorse Ltd.
CoP initiator and coordinator.
Businesses can set social change in motion!

Benefitting from a Community of Practice

The Equalizing Community of Practice Has Arrived!

Recent studies show that the Caribbean immigrant in Canada and other OECD countries are among the least likely to start and grow a business. Many Caribbean immigrant businesses fall in the micro business category with incomes well below US $500,000 per annum.

On the other hand, immigrants from Europe and Asia form and grow businesses at a rate that leaves a huge gap between them and their Caribbean counterparts. Ironically, the Caribbean immigrant is more likely be a lower income earner who is underemployed or serving in a precarious job, irrespective of qualifications. Besides paying the bills there is a serious risk to the financial freedom and economic wellbeing of current and future generations of Caribbean immigrants.

But does it have to be this way?

I doubt that I am alone in thinking— absolutely not!

The social, economic, and ideological factors that were relevant in causing the belief that entrepreneurship was undesirable or impractical for the Caribbean immigrant has been dead for at least two decades. But like the proverbial frog the community did not feel the water change temperature and now we are almost cooked. This situation is one of those rare cases when “urgent” is “important”.

Entrepreneurship experience, knowledge and big business success are needed in order to make entrepreneurship which is vital to our survival desirable, financially viable and feasible. A community of practice (CoP) provides the perfect opportunity for coming together to tackle and solve the problem of missing high-performance businesses by Caribbean immigrants in Canada and the wider Caribbean diaspora.

A CoP is made up of individuals with a vested interest in a subject who engage in joint activities, share information, stories, discussion, and approaches in order to help each other while developing and gather best practices. The level of trust and quality of relationships that exist among members is of great importance to them. It is one of the factors that distinguishes a CoP from other social networks.

Being able to learn from each other through frequent and rich interactions is key to the effectiveness of a CoP (Dialogue and engagement is essential, it does not work like one of those Facebook Group where many members merely join but do not share and engage with each other). Good old fashion social skills beliefs and behaviours are essential if a CoP is to deliver impact. By impact we mean the desired change and results for having come together for solving the problem in the first place.

When you join a CoP pretend you have entered someone’s home or a social gathering to share and exchange (There must be greetings, questions, conversation and a commitment to sharing and learning whether meetings occur in a Facebook Group, a hotel meeting room or web site.). Shared interest and a willingness to share for helping each other is at the heart of a CoP. It could not be any other way since the purpose of the CoP in not just about social networking, it is about problem solving.

Among the outcomes of a CoP are a collection of shared stories, experiences, tools, resources and knowledge collaterals for solving challenges that are common and likely to happen again.

CoPs have been used for facilitating innovative learning in various fields including health care, knowledge management and ICT as well as by professional groups. It is now being applied to entrepreneurship.

The High-Performance Caribbean Entrepreneur’s Ring has been established for facilitating the kind of sharing, gap assessment, networks, markets and problem solving for ensuring Caribbean immigrants can be among the groups with the highest rates of starting and growing successful businesses.

It provides the perfect opportunity for research, action learning and discussions for generating needed knowledge and experience.

The solutions shared and provided by a CoP of Caribbean entrepreneur in diaspora markets who are concerned and passionate about growing successful businesses will deliver significant value while increasing the viability and desirability of owing a business.

Entrepreneurs and their families are not the only ones who will benefit from such a CoP, cities will benefit from economic growth and more rapid assimilation of immigrants. The Caribbean community at home and aboard will benefit from improved levels of economic wellbeing, financial freedom and the acquisition of productive assets. The reputation of the community will be enhanced and like other immigrant groups the culture of Caribbean entrepreneurship abroad will be distinct, rich and a source of pride. What’s more it can ensure inclusiveness in the representation of Caribbean immigrants not only in terms of ethnicity but also by race.

The majority of Caribbean immigrants speak English, are highly educated or skilled and possess significant cultural assets that can be developed into profitable solutions. They come with the grit necessary for excelling on the journey of entrepreneurship, and most are entrepreneurial.

Given, those attributes and the imminent threat associated with depending on a job for making a livelihood the time for growing more high-performing businesses is now. The need for a CoP was urgent and important a decade ago and more so today.

While we must not trivialize the need for — cash from ready jobs for paying the bills and for assisting families at home, like other groups we should also view it as a source of investment into starting a business. One Caribbean-Canadian financial expert highlighted our emphasis on the acquisition of non-productive assets for communicating image related messages and needs as a major handicap.

He attributes that condition to the legacy of slavery, but it is time to unshackle ourselves. If the Caribbean immigrant is to be a part of an inclusive landscape for entrepreneurship in Canada or elsewhere we have to play a role in making that happen. We cannot expect Cities and other government departments to do it all for us. Like other immigrant groups we must take the bull by the horn to make it happen for us in a manner that is relevant to our situation and which draws on our different capabilities (As well as our wants, needs, aspirations, preferences and obstacles).

We shouldn’t blame anyone for the once valid buy-in to the idea of “a solid education is a ticket to a great job and wealth”. That idea was relevant and applicable to many groups and nations worldwide, today a solid education is still necessary but is does not bar against poverty. Many who got that solid education along with some who ventured into business lacked the social network and social capital for opening the right doors that would help them to benefit from their education, expertise or business activities.

Coming together as a diaspora increases the diversity of human and financial capital (monies earned through supporting our markets) that is key to growing an entrepreneurial community. Capital has been a big hindrance to the Caribbean immigrant who is often more than three times more likely to be denied a loan for financing a business.

A CoP such as the High-Performance Caribbean Entrepreneur’s Ring can provide the essential network, markets and accelerated learning for helping us to grow bigger and stronger businesses.

The Equalizing Community of Practice Has Arrived!

Let’s do it! Share, research, learn and grow high performing Caribbean businesses in Canada and the diaspora.

By Meegan Scott




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