Pseudo-Evaluations: Have You Experienced One of These?

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Have you survived one of those?

  • Designed for PR Purposes
  • Fake News about Programme or Organizational Results
  • Intent to deceive
  • Misrepresentations
  • Lies
  • Stakeholders denied their right to know
  • Organization, and or programme miss out on learning and growth opportunity
  • Integrity at risk
  • Reputation lost

How did you feel?

How did it affect the organization or Programme?

How did it impact the information sharing or communication campaign?

Thanks for sharing your experiences below.

What if you really want to know ― what changes have occurred in relation to the state, condition, or wellbeing of the clients or customers you serve.

You do your best with funder driven evaluations, but they focus on  accountability and transparency.

You can’t find the right answers the question, “how well is your organization doing when it comes to delivering the vision, mission, and corporate strategy”.

You are innovative but never innovates.

What if?

You knew what―

  • success should look like
  • planned it
  • executed
  • gathered the right information
  • and corrected the work along the way
  • from the very beginning?

For the campaign:

What if

  • you used an outcome focused framework that mapped inputs to outputs, outputs to outtakes, outtakes to outcomes, and outcomes to organizational impact from the beginning?

For the programme or organization

What if you used a results-based or outcome focused framework that mapped inputs to outputs, outputs to outcomes and outcomes organizational impact from the start?

What if you had a critical friend evaluator to help them?

  • Got questions?
  • Need help with saying no to pseudo-evaluations, and yes to organizational learning and improvement?
  • Need help with asking the right questions, gathering the right information, the right feedback, reflection, adjustment, and improvement?
  • Need to get back on the funding or financiers top ten?
  • Need to advance progress in delivering the corporate strategy, vision, or mission of your organization?

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clients we seek magate2

B2B and B2C consumers of corporate strategy planning; strategy development and reformulation; program evaluation and other performance measurement solutions including organizational assessments; change management; strategic marketing planning; change marketing; research; monitoring and evaluation systems tools. Typical B2C consumers are professionals transitioning into new roles or who need help with a particular area of our expertise.

We are also delighted to partner with/ or support other consultants and consulting firms that are involved in private sector development, trade, foreign direct investment (FDI), Business process analysis, as well as local, and International Development.

Their urgent need includes:

The need for 1) planned success; 2) improved levels of effectiveness; 3) fundraising; 4) insights into their operational environment, and 5) to protect their reputation whether as an individual or as an organization by purchasing strategic management consulting, advisory, and or technical implementation services.

Their pain point might also include the need for remote or blended solutions across geographical borders, or to serve the Canadian or Caribbean Markets.

Who they are:

Public sector entities, international development institutions and their partner agencies, non-profit organizations, smaller private enterprises, consultants, and management professionals

B2B clients include— departments of government, international development agencies and their implementing partners. They are generally served by project teams of 5 or more as well as several associates or contractors (Departments of government are usually served by staff teams of a hundred or more); and manage development budget as much as $20M.

B2B Small Enterprise

This clientele includes retailers, restaurants, exporters, boutique and specialist consulting outfits, and independent consultants with staff size of 0-19. Smaller non-profit organizations also fall into this category. They typically earn between CAD$30, 000 to $500,000 per annum.

B2C clients earn from CAD$45,000 to over $100,000 per annum, are highly skilled or hold at least a baccalaureate degree.

Clients We Seek to Serve
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