About the High Performance Entrepreneur’s Ring and CoP

About the High Performance Entrepreneur’s Ring (MeetUP and CoP

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High Performance Caribbean Ring & CoP

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Launch of Entrepreneurs MeetUP and Community of Practice (CoP)

The GTA hub of the High-Performance Caribbean Entrepreneur’s Ring will be officially launched on Saturday, March 31, 2018  by Meegan Scott and Magate Wildhorse Ltd.  At the launch we will engage in B2B networking, getting to know each other as well as add some of your wishes to the objectives and working of the HIPCE Ring.

Because it is a Caribbean Entrepreneur’s group we are looking for others who would love to join us. Let’s have a meeting of minds and joint action for growing high performance Caribbean businesses and outstanding entrepreneurs in the Diaspora.

Meeting facilitator: Meegan Scott will lead the session.

The MeetUP and CoP is a group of Caribbean entrepreneurs in the Diaspora including members of the Caribbean-Canadian group who will meet monthly (Downtown, Toronto), as well as online to learn, share, collaborate and build knowledge in the area of Caribbean Entrepreneurship and success strategies for our immigrant entrepreneurs. Besides networking and information sharing the group serves as a resource for advice, tips, advertising, market and market research hub.

It will remain consistently so.

Join us at: https://goo.gl/AnhZuE (Online home of the MeetUP and CoP).

Be with us on March 31, 2018.

You are welcome to join us for our preliminary online session on March 13, 2018 (details available in the Ring).

We look forward to your active participation!

Please feel free to forward this announcement to others.


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The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Performance Magazine

In 2016, we decided to take our client learning digest to you in the form of a hybrid Magazine/Professional Journal— The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Performance Magazine.

Some of you are familiar with The Noësis, the brainchild of Meegan Scott. A publication first released in 2013 as a learning aide for ensuring our clients fully understand, appreciate and leverage their consulting solutions.

springcover2018sampleIn 2018, we present to you a magazine with the same themes and two additional objectives.  The publication maintains its purpose to simplify and facilitate understanding of tough business and development concepts while accelerating the learning of industry language and how-to.

It does this through its content—showcasing of successful Caribbean and Canadian entrepreneurs, research findings, issues, trends, companies, stories, commentaries, book reviews and entertainment pieces.  Articles and stories focus on growth related topics such as strategy, marketing, trade, performance management and measurement, intellectual property and the creative industries.

The new Magazine is the only business magazine designed to promote the culture of Caribbean entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship as a desirable, feasible and viable economic activity for Caribbean immigrants in Canada and other diasporic markets of the Caribbean.

Providing a forum for awakening desire, driving aspiration and moving significantly more Caribbean immigrants to answer the call of entrepreneurship— is a new objective for the publication.  We want to see the growth of high performing Caribbean businesses in all major Diaspora markets. We want to see the Caribbean culture of entrepreneurship and its entrepreneurial DNA deliver significant impact to entrepreneurs and the markets in which the businesses call home— as well as those they serve.

Hence, we will provide information, stimulate debate, share research and stories for ensuring you have the necessary information for strategy success in starting and growing your businesses.  We want to see greater impact from international development initiatives especially in ACP Countries; therefore, we will address those issues and explore solutions.

Towards that end we are providing a forum through which emerging and seasoned researchers, consultants and practitioners in Canada, ACP Countries, the Caribbean and its Diaspora can share the findings of their research, connect with entrepreneurs and issues facing organizational leaders and their teams both within and external to the Caribbean community. That commitment unveiled the second of your new objectives.

What motivated me to upgrade and expand “The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Learning Digest” to the current The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Performance Magazine?

Learnings from our consulting engagements, discussions with entrepreneurs, lived experience as a Caribbean-Canadian entrepreneur and research into our performance as entrepreneurs in Canada and other Diaspora markets.

I take this opportunity to invite you to submit original research notes, opinions, technical reports, articles, anecdotes,cartoons, and stories (Both of triumph and failures).

The Magazine is sponsored by Magate Wildhorse Ltd., but will allow for limited advertising by one or two brands per issue.

The success of this publication and its objective depends on your response and actions.  We are committed to updating The Noësis based on your needs and feedback.

Thank you for your feedback and subscriptions.

Click here to subscribe, ask a question or comment.

— Meegan Scott

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