What You Get When You Buy This Solution

risk adjusted

  • A strategy and plan you understand and can execute
  • Free consultation before you buy
  • A plan that is feasible; says what success should look like and is designed to help you succeed
  • A plan and strategy that are adjusted to give you the handle on both strategy and business risk
  • A plan designed to drive quality and continuous improvement in your operations
  • A plan that shows contribution to national, local, funder and or global goals, change or impact
  • A plan that supports ease in reporting and put you on a path to attaining quality designation
  • Measures for helping you to get things like effective governance; accountability; transparency; compliance; advocacy; and increased stakeholder value right
  • Tested assumptions, scenario planning and simulations for helping you to gain the handle on risk and uncertainty
  • A plan that inspires commitment and wins― staff, funder, community, member, customer, and other stakeholder confidence
  • Your guide to increasing sales, winning more funding, and improving financial viability and sustainability
  • A plan that is aligned, and helps you guard against mission drift.

Your plan and planning experience are guaranteed to foster learning; and helps with continuous improvement. In other words, your corporate strategy plan is “Plan, Do, Check, and Improve” ready!

Goals, objectives, strategies, output, outcomes, KPIs, KRIs, indicator targets, and reporting timelines are clearly articulated.

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3 Yr. Corporate Strategy Plans – Now on Sale!


3 Yr. Corporate Strategy Plans
Nonprofits, Governments, & International Development Project Solutions

Available now, results-based plans and planning solutions that are designed to help you deliver― planned results; impact; and financial viability. Time and resource constraints make it difficult for many nonprofit organizations, quasi-government, and international development projects to craft a plan and strategy that is enhanced by rigorous adjustment for strategy and business risks.

We guarantee you will receive a plan and supporting performance management tools that suits your needs; and one that does not add undue burden on your existing resources.

What You Get When You Buy This Solution