Lizra Fabien – Stakeholder Engagement and Gender Mainstreaming for Climate Resilience and Climate Fund Initiatives

Celebrating International Development Week 2019!

Join Lizra Fabien, of the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce as we discuss Stakeholder engagements and gender mainstreaming for climate resilience, and climate fund initiatives.

Dominica is one of the Caribbean Countries that have suffered most from the exacerbating effective of climate change. Hurricanes Maria and Erika stopped short of destroying the island with back to back battering in 2016 and 2017.

Canada is among the countries that have responded to efforts to help Dominica and other Caribbean islands to become climate resilient.

We are therefore delighted to hear from Lizra who represents duty-bearers in the private sector on the topic of stakeholder engagements, how they are working, and the gaps for delivering related solutions that deliver gender equality, and climate resilience. DAIC members are also right-holders in their roles as individuals and citizens.

Thank you Lizra for having shared so richly!

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This interview is an extract from the Fireside Chat: Stakeholder Engagements and Gender Mainstreaming for ensuring Gender Equality and Climate Resilience in the Context of initiatives that are financed with Climate Funds.

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