I’ve got a Great Business Plan but I Just Can’t Get the Business Going!

Join me for an on parade, auction house, let’s make do with what we have, preacher styled session on how to get that business going.  The session is just over 14 minutes and may be listened to at one go or in two parts without losing the meaning. You will need to have your businesses plan and colour pens (red ink, green ink, blue or black).Magateminibusplan

If you have a business performance report or other tool for tracking your progress in implementing your strategy please grab that too. Part 1 is 8 min and part 2 is 6 min in duration.

Find out what I learnt while at a gathering of start-up entrepreneurs in Toronto.

Warning: This audio session is intended for solopreneurs and other leaders of small, medium, and micro-enterprises who have an urgent need to take steps for improving the results of their businesses. This session is not for you if, you have been tricked into believing that as an entrepreneur and organizational leader you do not need the details.

Now   “F   a   l   l           N”

F   O    R    W   A    R    D

M   A   R   C   H!

Let’s get going for getting the sales going.

Listen now: Please click the image below to listen.

Meegan Scott at Magate Wildhorse

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Looking to Start a Relationship with Canadian & US MSMEs, how about your Business?

Success is not just for big businesses!  Control, fun, leisure and luxury are for small business owners too!

 Go virtual and save money while we help you live big business mind for your small business.  Chances are a pair of extra hands, meeting of minds and a little help with adjusting a few processes are the wings your business need to soar to success.

If you prefer the face-to-face on spot interaction, no worries your wish will be our command, we travel internationally to serve our clients.

You won’t know if you’ve found your number one, for making your business number one until you talk with us.

Because we love a challenge and we thrive on defying the odds we look for businesses that need a fix for a dogging problem (s).

We would like to meet you if you are faced with one or more of the following challenges:

  • You have hit a brick wall in trying to grow your business
  • You have been wondering whether or not it is really worth your while to pursue the business you love and worked hard to build
  • Declining sales or falling profits
  • Problems with planning strategically for your business and putting the plan into action
  • Difficulty finding new customers and or keeping those you have
  • Coming up with new service ideas for bringing in extra revenue
  • Finding out what your customers really want and what they are willing to pay for it
  • No time to market the business
  • Dissatisfied customers and related complaints
  • Developing a winning business plan and making the pitch to financiers
  • Crafting that winning marketing plan

We’d like to invite you on a date to discuss your challenges and how we can help you to work more effectively on and in your business to realize the success you dream of and deserve!

Let’s make it a date, tell us what is the best time for you. We are available 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM – on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays, May 16- 23, 2015.  Book early for a free 30 minute consultation.  Schedule your date: Call: 1(647) 854-5323 or Click here to send us an Email.

Whether you are an independent tradesman or woman, consultant or retailer we can help you.

This could be a great beginning, what have you got to lose? Contact us today!

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