Thank You – Strategy Planning for Outriding COVID 19

Speakers Strategy planning for Outriding COVID 19 Seminar

Thank You for Making Strategy Planning for Outriding COVID 19 A Rich & Relevant Event

Magate Wildhorse Consulting, The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs and our  partners take this opportunity to thank you for attending our Outride COVID 19 Seminars.

To our speakers we thank you for the richness shared with our audiences.

We were honoured and delighted by your company ― both speakers and participants.

For those who stayed as we tested and support the COVID 19 pivot of one company during series one, we thank you for being a wonderful audience.

We are also delighted that through that experience you might feel greater confidence in making your move and risking it as you improve and make it ready for your intended customers.

Yesterday’s edition, Strategy planning for Outriding COVID 19 was well received.

We are especially thankful to the following speakers who through their contribution added to the richness and relevance of the seminar to a wider audience:

· Shariful Islam―Market Intelligence Planning and Response for the Agri–business sector

·  Dr. Mythili Kolluru ― Strategy Planning for Outriding COVID 19 ― Education sector

· Albert Ramsay ― Legal Protection in Uncertainty

· Meegan Scott ― Strategy Planning for Outriding COVID 19 ― general, diaspora businesses, government, third sector, international development, non-profits etc.

Joining us from the floor and contributing richly from the panel was Shyam Kolluru, who spoke on digital transformation.

Special thanks to Philip Bedward, who stayed on even though he was not feeling well.

Oh Rudi, Mythili, is looking forward to your next. Skills definitely relevant subject of skills set and more.

Shariful, our audience expects to hear from you again! Strategy, market systems, market intelligence, agile all coming together to add wealth.

Albert, you left us with some thought-provoking questions, we look forward to your next contribution.

Mythili, definitely food for the education sector among others.

To our participants, we heard, and we will explore your request for bringing the series to as many geographic areas as we can.

We encourage you to share the invite with your friends, family and network. From our end will do our best to get the information to you especially those who struggled with bandwidth issues from Africa.

Special salute to the Indian Diaspora, you are delighted by company and the rapport in these seminars. Mythili thank you for bringing several members of the Indian diaspora to learn and share with us yesterday.

Mark Brown

From series one: Risk Intelligence, special thanks to Mark Brown, World Jamaican of Public Speaking for taking us back to our roots in a well received motivational talk.




Prof. Amit Kapoor of the Insitute for Competitiveness, India.  Packed full of information on all areas to be considered from political through to business and end-users.

Dr. Amit Kapoor







Loretta N. Green Williams and Philip Bedward for Community updates from New York both Caribbean and Black American perspectives shared.

Loretta N. Green-Williams

Rudi Page, humanity, big C’s of the skills needed to succeed.

For those who missed the event as they sought to register a little close to time we encourage you to register before 12:00 Noon for each session. We need to that lead time for ensuring the integrity of events in this risk tech environment of today. See you next time.

April 30, 2020                                                                                                                    Series 3: Customer Service, Value & Sales

We truly appreciate sharing with and learning from you.

Meegan Scott