OUR HEART FELT THANK YOU TO Mr. VIVION SCULLY & JAMPRO – Launch of CoP for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

View Mr. Scully and JAMPRO’s endorsement and Committment to the CoP here

Vivion Scully JAMPRO


On behalf of the members of the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant (CoP), Magate Wildhorse Ltd, and I thank Mr. Vivion Scully and the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), for sharing the vision of the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs.

We are heartened by the demonstration of forward thinking that you have shown by recognizing how we can work together for advancing our mutual and different objectives and visions while creating greater impact. Greater impact for Jamaicans and the peoples of the Caribbean in the Diaspora and at home.  In addition, your action also says to your host countries that you are committed to helping their cities and people who struggle to attain economic and financial freedom.

As the CoP will serve our brothers and sisters in Africa, the USA, other immigrant entrepreneurs who are not native speakers of English, and Canadians who have no history of entrepreneurship in their families and face barriers related to sparse networks, “foreignness when it comes to talent”, as well as lack of access to capital, and entrepreneurial experience.

The gift of your message, endorsement, and commitment to support the CoP was well received by our members and appreciated by or audiences.

Thank you again Jamaica! “I’m a born Jamaican” means even more when agencies of our Government reach out to support us in the Diaspora.  We look forward to building mainstream Jamaican and Caribbean businesses with an ethnic flavor that will make your job easier.

Thank you again JAMPRO.

Meegan Scott (for)

The Secretariat of the CoP &

Magate Wildhorse Ltd

All partner including South Florida