OUR HEART FELT THANK YOU TO Messrs. CARLTON & ANTHONY JOSEPH of THE CARIBBEAN CAMERA – Launch of CoP for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Carlton Joseph

On behalf of the members of the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (CoP), Magate Wildhorse Ltd, and I thank Messrs. Carlton and Anthony Joseph and the Editor of The Caribbean Camera for being steadfast supporters of the CoP and our local businesses.  This evening we extend our special thanks to Carlton for a powerful rally call to Caribbean immigrants to start and grow their own businesses.

We also thank him for sharing his personal journey of successes and failures to growing a company with revenue of $2M and 200 employees.  His is a powerful story that I am sure have sent some of us in high gear saddle up to ride to thenext level of success as entrepreneurs.

We are fired up by your passion and message! Thank you also for putting some powerAnthony-Joseph-Excellence-in-Media-683x1024behind our message Carlton.  To Anthony, we thank you for being there with us for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2017 and again in 2018; and for being one of the first members of the CoP.

Let our businesses remember the power of global in accurately conveying their messages and in reaching our audiences.  We look forward to strengthening our relationship with the Caribbean Camera for both the CoP and our GEW celebrations.  In partnership with the Caribbean Camera the CoP has already hosted two events for GEW in its infancy.

One thing is clear Carlton, has a wealth of knowledge to be shared with the members of the CoP. While We look forward to having Carlton join the CoP or at least join us from time to time for sharing other messages, tips, and guide.

Both Anthony and Carlton bring entrepreneurial DNA from Trinidad and Tobago to the CoP and our entrepreneurs.

Thank you, Trinidad―I am proud to be Caribbean and serve Canada, Jamaica, and the rest of the Caribbean from the richness that it poured into me in preparation to serve at home and abroad.

Listen to Carlton’s story here.

We look forward to seeing more entrepreneurs from Trinidad in the CoP.

Thank you again Carlton, Anthony, and the rest of the Caribbean Camera.

Meegan Scott (for)
The Secretariat of the CoP &
Magate Wildhorse Ltd

All partner including South Florida