The Marathoner

The Marathoner

Meegan Scott — The Marathoner

The Marathoner, aims to help entrepreneurs succeed in business for the long haul.  It addresses the top challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the context of the Caribbean immigrant entrepreneur (with relevance to all diaspora markets).  Many papers and magazines address the challenges that I will address but not in the context of the Caribbean immigrant entrepreneur.

In the ” Business Marathoner”, I will share:

  • research findings,
  • raise issues such as cash flow management,
  • financing your business on next to zero budget,
  • time management,
  • community support for businesses,
  • diaspora bridges,
  • focusing your business for growth,
  • grit and the entrepreneur,
  • risk management (financial, health, reputation),
  • customer service,
  • intellectual property,
  • marketing,
  • risk intelligence,
  • understanding and benefitting from the business planning processes,
  • executing plans,
  • financial statements,
  • trade,
  • topical issues,
  • finance and wealth,
  • in addition to corporate strategy planning,
  • and governance for our nonprofit and social enterprises.

The Marathoner is a self-syndicated column.  Its name Marathoner serves to debunk stereotypes related to people of colour and their ability to find success in sports but not in business.

The Marathoner is the short name for The Business Marathoner.

Since: October, 2018

About the author: Meegan Scott, B.Sc. Hons, MBA, ATM-B, CL, PMP., is Jamaican-born Strategic Management Consultant, at Magate Wildhorse Consulting in Toronto & New York.  This is a syndicated column and article.