Small Business Execution Coaching

accountability executive coaching execution coaching business coaching solutionImportant! This is a confidential service offer.  Please click here to read confidentiality statement.

Scaling up takes longer for a small team and much longer for a solopreneur.

This package lets the solopreneur or small business executive benefit from having a team he or she cannot afford to hire.

Having a team comes with greater levels of accountability, urgency, pressure, and more balanced growth of the organization.

As your critical friend and coach, we facilitate accelerated growth by forcing the solopreneur, or the small business owner and team to wear all the hats they would in a larger and growing organization.  Try it to taste of our secret sauce and the pleasure of your results.

The CEO will find that he or she allocates time more evenly among functions such as marketing, sales, and working on the business, instead of working mostly in operations or marketing for instance.

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SME Business executive coaching what

We will work with you to:

  • Help you articulate your own picture of success
  • Select or develop growth indicators that are aligned with your personal and business ambition
  • Facilitate reflection on your own views and perception of success, as well as adjust them along the journey
  • Gain competence and drive balanced growth of your business
  • Refine and, or Live your strategy, values, brand, and more
  • Clarify and advance the attainment of your vision
  • Tie strategy to execution―true learning and improvement
  • Feel, nail, and act on priorities, environmental awareness, relevance etc.
  • Apply critical thinking, research, and ideation to remain relevant
  • Get focused for growth and execute the home stretch while having fun

How we will work with you

SME Coaching framework Magate

Changes you can expect when it comes to execution

  • Strengthened processes, improved levels of excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness
  • Increased levels of accountability and strategy success
  • Stronger customer and stakeholder relationships— trust and confidence
  • More strategic and disciplined approach to managing your sales pipeline and cash
  • Increased levels of profitability
  • Practice, satisfaction, and joy in finding your “one drop― your success rhythm” for managing and working on your business in addition to working in it.
  • Practical experience learning how— we would handle a problem or task, other experts would, and your own best approach
  • Less stress, more life balance, business success, the competitive edge, and rich relationships.

Expect to grow new competences, and to better understand both your business and revenue models. You’ll find that your brand strength and recognition will grow (reputation).

This solution is not a personal coaching solution, it is one for powering up your capacity to execute your business strategy. For that reason, we focus on “think and action”— in relation to strategy, planning, execution, brand, market, profitability. We also measure our success against the growth of the client as an entrepreneur or business leader.

This solution is a combo of facilitative coaching and a bonus touch of executive consulting.

The touch of consulting occurs when we put on the hat of critical friend and execution consultant to help you solve a select number of agreed problems. We also provide a high-level performance review of the performance of your business (Conditions apply).

We are generalists as well as experts (Consultant-Coach).  We are planners, performance catalysts, researchers, strategists, performance measurement experts, and facilitators of learning and growth.

To increase the consulting component you may purchase the                                  Small Business Executive CC or the Trust and Reputation Coach † Execute!(Executives)℠ . Those solutions are designed to deliver in terms of trust and reputation and puts the responsibility to solve problems in our hands―click here for details.

Magate Wildhorse Ltd, shares the mantra of its founder with its clients and partners.     “I have health, and I build wealth and rich relationships.”

We have a wide network of expert associates from which to enrich the meeting of minds that we bring to your sessions.

Required Investment In Your Coaching & Business Performance Solution

Small Business Coaching (For driving scale-up)   US $150 Per Hour

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I am Meegan Scott, and I look forward to working you to take your business to the next level!


“Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success,
despite the constraint of size.”

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