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For new and seasoned executives, we offer three consulting and coaching combo solutions. The execute and helping hand solutions are made up of 75-100% executive consulting, plus coaching.  TheGuide solutions comprises 30%-40% consulting, and 60-70% facilitative coaching.

Both solutions are tailored to fit. The execute solutions― are designed to accelerate the achievement of major organizational goals, gain buy-in, foster funder confidence, drive commitment, foster trust, and solve complex problems. They are focused on strategy, performance, and organizational strengthening; and draws heavily on processes and problem-solving contributed by the consultant.

For the Trust and Reputation Coach † Gimme a Hand!(Executives) ℠, executives may also outsource tasks related to strategy planning, programme management, monitoring, evaluation, learning, behavior change, marketing, stakeholder engagement, change management, research, and training.

For the Trust and Reputation Coach † Execute!(Executives)℠, we will review and recommend corrections, adjustments, frameworks, models, or processes, best and good practice.

Both solutions include different concentrations of co-working with you to maximize learning and experience through a do-and-learn-together engagement.

Executives can also request a critical friend retainer for their team (An alternate fee structure applies).

On the other hand, the Trust and Reputation Coach † TheGuide(Executives) ℠ is for the executive or entrepreneur who feels stuck, stalled, troubled, stressed, uncertain, or all of the preceding, and need guidance and support in addition, to maximizing learning from experience.  It leverages, questions, and reflection to help the executive to learn to arrive at his or her independent solutions to problems during the designing and execution of solutions phases.

This solution is designed to help the executive to actuate progress, reduce or eliminate stress, gain confidence, clarify, discover solutions, boost both strategic thinking and reflective skills and practice. It is a blended performance and transition solution.

New executives might also want to draw on this solution when they need a confidential sounding board.

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executive coaching solution execution consulting and facilitative coaching the aims competencies and type of intervention

Who Will Benefit Most?

  • New and seasoned executives who need to gain experience and confidence in the specialists’ areas mentioned above.
  • Senior managers seeking to improve their results in order to advance their careers.
  • Executives and leaders of international development programmes who fear their boards, teams, partners, or funders are not confident in their strategic planning, execution, marketing, program management, monitoring, evaluation, and project management skills. Both executives and small leaderships teams will find these solutions to be perfect for them (teams may be applicable if an execute package is purchased, conditions apply).
  • Executives with a lot on their plate and need extra help with executive level outputs and problem solving solutions.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to the next level or need on-going help with specific areas of managing and leading their businesses over time; or as a one-off intervention, will also find these solutions a perfect fit for their needs.

You will find that the coaching elements of the solutions are impact-focused and improves performance and results by focusing primarily on behavior change, skills building, rhythm, strategy, strategic alignment, and communication.

We will work with you to:

  • Help you articulate your own and your organization’s picture of success
  • Select or develop growth indicators that are aligned with your personal, business, or organizational ambition
  • Facilitate reflection on your own views and perception of success; and success as perceived by your team, funders, and stakeholders
  • We’ll help you to adjust the perception of success along the journey
  • Gain competence and drive balanced growth of your business, project, or organization
  • Refine and, or Live your strategy, values, brand, and more
  • Clarify and advance the attainment of your vision, goals, objectives, or all
  • Tie strategy to execution―true learning and improvement
  • Feel, nail, and act on priorities, environmental awareness, relevance etc.
  • Apply critical and systems, thinking, research, and ideation to remain relevant
  • Get focused for growth, and execute the home stretch while having fun
  • Apply results or performance-oriented processes as well as other best practice, approaches, and frameworks

How we’ll work together

We will apply a blend of directive and facilitative coaching styles. The illustration below highlight the pathway we’ll travel.

executive coaching how it works

Changes you can expect when it comes to execution

  • Strengthened processes, improved levels of excellence, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness
  • Increased levels of accountability and strategy success
  • Stronger customer and stakeholder relationships— trust and confidence
  • More strategic and disciplined approach to managing your sales pipeline and cash
  • Increased levels of profitability or sustainability
  • Practice, satisfaction, and joy in finding your “one drop― success rhythm” for managing and working on your business in addition, to working in it.
  • Practical experience learning how― we would handle a problem or task, other experts would, as well as your own best approach
  • Expert outputs for plans, strategy, performance reports, change interventions, and processes
  • Increased levels of team commitment
  • More effective communication
  • Less stress, more life balance, business success, the competitive edge, and rich relationships.

Expect to grow new competences, and to better understand both your business and revenue models. You’ll find that your brand strength and recognition will grow (reputation).

This solution is not a personal coaching solution, it is one for powering up your capacity to execute your business strategy. Or for bring additional expertise while boosting capacity and competency.  For those reasons, we focus on “think, action, processes, and practice” —in relation to strategy, planning, execution, research, brand, market, profitability. We also measure our success against the growth of the client as an entrepreneur, business, or organizational leader.

We are generalists as well as experts (consultant-coach).  We are planners, performance catalysts, researchers, strategists, performance measurement experts, and facilitators of learning and growth.

The sessions make accessible to you a coach as well as specialist expert in the areas previously mentioned, for helping each client to achieve success with execution and organizational growth.

Magate Wildhorse Ltd, shares the mantra of its founder with its clients and partners.

“I have health, and I build wealth and rich relationships.”

We have a wide network of expert associates from which to enrich the meeting of minds that we bring to your sessions.

Required Investment for your solution:

Trust and Reputation Coach † TheGuide(Executives) ℠ US $ 300   Per Hour
Trust and Reputation Coach † Execute!(Executives)℠ US $ 500   Per Hour
Trust and Reputation Coach † Gimme a Hand!(Executives) ℠ US $ 600   Per Hour

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