On Purpose ―The Annual International Entrepreneurs’ Book Fair

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The Annual International Entrepreneurs’ Book Fair

A time to read and get ready to write for entrepreneurs.  And a time to strike deals, showcase, sell books and author solutions for publishers and industry experts.

It is the time for entrepreneurs to boost their entrepreneurial capacity and strategic leadership by seizing the opportunity to catch up on ” original and current strategic management thought, philosophy and practice in addition to other areas of special interest to them.

A time for the author entrepreneur or the entrepreneur author (whichever best fits) to showcase his or her work, share their experiences and messages. 

But it is also a time for them to set up shop and sell books and seeds for helping entrepreneurs to think, get inspired, create, cope, network, thrive and grow.

University publishers and faculty members who author and publish books and journal articles will find the Annual International Entrepreneurs’ Book Fair to be that cozy corner where industry and academic thought are shared, exchanged and presented to B2B audiences, student researchers, consumers and readers of Do-It-Yourself content in a language they understand, and which keeps them up to date with current trends.

A time for academia to better understand the skills and competence needs of industry and economies and a time for entrepreneurs to discover ways in which they can solve problems for a profit.

There’s no escaping tech! COVID-19 unleashed some new rules, and we want to ensure you can rise to the occasion. Come and gain insights for your post Sars-Cov-2 pivots and economic recovery plans.

Artists, gaming industry professionals and experts in artificial intelligence are welcome to share your latest offer with our audiences.

Editors and book coaches are invited to join us.

Put your foot forward in the season to win one of 5 coveted awards or to be recognized for your contribution to strategic management, entrepreneurship or related fields.

Submit your exhibitor, sponsor or attendee interest by clicking the following words: Expression of Interest ―Book Fair

By submitting your inquiry, you grant us permission to contact you regarding the Fair and related promotions.

Authors and entrepreneurs from Black, Caribbean and Indigenous communities are encouraged to seize this opportunity.

This event comes to you virtually worldwide.

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