Little things we will do that make a Big Difference:

  • We will develop your project management tools and systems and manage your project or program for you
  • We will use your tools to manage your project if you prefer
  • We will develop your Project or Program Work Plan
  • We will translate your Corporate Strategy Plan into an Operational or Project Work Plan
  • We will design your program or project Performance Management Framework (We will do this for the entire organization as well)
  • We will provide Program /Project Monitoring and Evaluation services
  • We will design your Electronic Performance Measurement and Reporting System plus Dashboard
  • We will conduct Performance Surveys and prepare your Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports
  • We will undertake special research for industry, market, industry best practise, or a feasibility study for a new project
  •  We will prepare your business plan
  • We will conduct Organizational Assessments and Internal Reviews
  •  We will conduct your stakeholder research and focus groups
  • We will deliver a Change Management Workshop to your Team
  • We will deliver our RATIS Workshop (RATIS = Relevance, Accountability, Transparency, Impact, and Sustainability) to your Team

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