Agricultural Process Outsourcing – Jamaica’s Offer


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There was a time when parishes such as St. Elizabeth and Trelawny lost the results of back breaking labour and investments in farming as the lovely food crops went to rot in the fields.

The local economy simply could not absorb the volume of quality food with that uniquely rich Jamaican taste that was produced year after year. It is no secret that soils of different countries plus climate creates unique taste and differences such as sweetness.

  1.  What are some of the best agriculture and food processing opportunities that Jamaica currently offers to foreign investors?
  2.  Are there opportunities for agricultural process outsourcing investments into Jamaica and joint use of facilities plus related IT development?
  3. Jamaica, Canada and the world what are the possibilities or opportunities?

Looking forward to hearing what Jamaica is offering to potential investors and local farmers from experts in investment promotion and agriculture. Looking forward to hearing what the farmers and agro-exporters have to offer.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspectives. Everyone has something worthwhile to share it all depends on how we view what was shared. Feel free to share on only one question.

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