Mr. Mohamed Ali ATIG ― Partner Associate, Evaluation, Business Process Analysis and Value Chain

Mohamed Ali ATIG

Mohamed Ali ATIG B.Sc., MSc


Mohamed Ali ATIG B.Sc., MSc, is an entrepreneur and Senior Consultant in evaluation, value chain and rural sustainability.  For more than eighteen years Mohamed has served UN agencies and development organizations such as the FAO, IFAD, ILO, IFC, AFD, GIZ, EU, and enda inter-arabe (the leading microfinance practice in Tunisia), as well as NGOs and private sector entities.  He is the founder and lead consultant at AGRIDEV-CTT. In addition, he serves as Associate Evaluation, Business Process Analysis and Value Chain to Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

Mohamed is known for his expertise in business plan development, business process modeling, and business process management based on “Human Performance Analysis”. His mastery of agricultural strategy planning, evaluation, and research along with value chain analysis of food losses and waste serves to distinguish him as a sought-after expert in his field. His experience includes serving numerous committees in the areas of fundraising and recruitment.

Mr. Ali ATIG holds a Master’s degree in National Resources Management and a Bachelor of engineering degree in Agroeconomic, Agricultural Development Policy specialization.   He also holds certifications in value chains, communication, adults training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), microfinance, and coaching. Mohamed comes with experience leading final evaluations, entrepreneur, and incubation support programmes.

He has traveled and served extensively in Northern Africa as well as France.  He is competent in delivering solutions in Arabic, French, and English. He also communicates in Italian and German.

Mohamed has delivered training in business process modeling, and project management (monitoring and piloting projects based on results).  The project management trainings also build or strengthen participant capacity in the use of agile methods and project management software.

He is also an expert in the development and execution of events with attendance of more than five-hundred (500).