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Wintercheers from Magate Wildhorse

Hi, Good morning to you!

Let’s get started for a cheery Wednesday with a nice smile!

Yes, go right ahead and upsize it with a laugh!  

You’ll have even more reason to laugh once you see the opportunities, we’ve put together for adding some cheer to the Winter. And for ensuring you, and your organization can improve and grow in 2019.

After all, we’re serious about performance and growth this year, and we intend to help our clients to accelerate improved results and scaling up!

Coming up tomorrow, February 28th is our free solutions preview webinar on Corporate Strategy Planning at Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

We decided to stop by and drop off your invite in case you missed it on our social media channels.

This lunch time session is a not-to-be missed event.

February is fast coming to an end, before we know it March, and April will be upon us and the Fiscal year for government and many donors will be in high gear.  At the speed at which 2019 has taken off you know June will be here before we can say Jack robin.

Early bird gets the first worm! You’ll never know what funding opportunity you’ll miss out on between March and September (Known peak season for accessing funding and financing), if, your organization is not funder, finance, or grant ready.

We’d hate to see you beat yourself and cry over your loss; so, we encourage you to lunch and learn; then act to get your organization ready for funding, or to progress towards the ―competitive edge.  The webinar is an exclusive event, and participation is by invitation.     Please visit the link below to learn more and complete the registration form.

Click here  or register on Facebook and take your friend along.

Deadline for submitting your registration is 9:00 PM Eastern, on Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

Who will not want to miss the session?

  • Board Chairs,
  • Executive Directors,
  • CEOs,
  • Chiefs of Party,
  • Procurement Officers,
  • Donor Representatives,
  • Consulting entities in search of service delivery partners, and
  • Entrepreneurs who are exiting the start-up phase of their businesses.

Oh boy, what are they talking about? What is a corporate strategy plan?  Is it the same as a business plan? 

That has been the big question coming our way this week.  No sweat! We’ve decided to share our answer, click here to learn more.

Got your plan in place but having trouble with executing, results, or funder trust? We’ve got you covered.  Check out our Critical Friend Evaluation and Performance Improvement Solution.  Your ideal hold-your-hand solution for driving organizational learning, execution, results, trust, credibility, and reputation (internally and externally). Wow your team and have them lined up behind and acting to deliver your strategy. Woo funders and deliver greater impact. Click here to learn more, or to request a “Connect and Clarify Session”.

You love cash, and we love cash— after all we are in business to make money!

Earn discounts or pay for your initial consultation from your information wallet.

Find out more here.

On Fake News ― “only high performing tech companies can scale-up”.

Big lie!

Projects and programs scale-up, and your business can and should be positioned to scale-up too! The pace of scaling up is what might be different, as may be the magnitude of scaling.

To help you star your own business show, scale-up, and improve the result of your organization, your personal impact, and reputation— we bring you― our strategic executive consulting and coaching combo.  Un-stuck that business, execute, and grow!


  • executives (new and seasoned)
  • teams
  • development projects and programs managers and teams
  • post incubator and acceleration businesses, and entrepreneurs
  • government departments, international development projects
  • managers and members of clusters and economic development agencies
  • new managers, or managers and heads of organizations who need to improve their strategic management skills, help with strategic, planning, evaluation, research, and other related tasks.

Click here to learn more.  Sign up for your free consultation here or at the previous link.

Leaders of small and micro-businesses, we got you top of mind as well! We stewed a great Small Business Execute Coaching solution for you. Click the links above to learn more  (Special quota of 90.min. consultation or coaching available for Caribbean entrepreneurs impacted by climate change, and those in low income communities in Canada)..

Just want to go the Small Business solution? Click here.

To add more warmth to the cheer, we put money in your pocket for referrals who purchase a coaching, planning, critical friend, or executive consulting solution. Request your own “Connect and Clarify Session” to learn more.

There’s more! Always more value for money at Magate Wildhorse Ltd.

You’re invited to join us on March 14, 2019 for Keynotes ―Don Your CEO’s Hat.           Presented by Meegan Scott.  This one is for entrepreneurs only! Click here to learn more, and to book your seat.

On April 17, we’ll host Marketing Change: Climate Resilience & Climate Fund Programs”.   Be with us!  Register here.

The Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs will host a face-to-face networking and planning session this March. Serving the Caribbean diaspora, Canadians with no history of family business, African-Americans, Black Canadians, Caribbeans at home, and Africans in Africa. Tell us, where to send your invite.   Can’t make it to Toronto in March, request an invite to the online Whys and Wherefores session.

A little laugh over serious matters while we take more powerful steps to address systematic issues. Now available in Black, Entrepreneurs!

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Meegan at Magate Wildhorse Ltd.


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