What You Need to Reach Your Building My Business Weight Loss Goal in 2016


Wearing many hats and juggling many roles is often part of the act of owning and managing your own business. Theory says do the things at which you are an expert, hire experts or contract out all roles or tasks for which you are not an expert. But in reality you will have to fill some roles and learn some new skills until you have the cash flow required to hire help. Once you have attained the required level of cash flow or can secure financing do not hesitate to hire help or to contract out work for which you are not an expert, you will not regret the investment. The same applies to hiring extra hands for boosting capacity in your area of expertise as the business grows.

However, during the startup stage learning new skills and filling roles for which you are not necessarily the  expert, but for which you have transferrable skills supported by proper research, guidance, and learning (self-help or formal learning) will help you to grow your business. It will also help you know how your business works or should work when you hire an expert.

Working in operations, sales, marketing, management, human resources, and administration requires a lot of juggling. If you work only in some of those functions, you must provide the necessary information to the experts for getting the job done and that requires a significant amount of time and energy for all areas combined. If you lead a lucky SME that owns and manages an up-to-date business intelligence system much energy, focus, and time are still required for balanced business development across functional areas in order to achieve and maintain profitability.   As the demand for energy, focus, and time increases so could your waistline and the weight registered in pounds or kilos each time you step on the scale.  If you are in the service industry and sit at your desk for several hours each day weight gain is one area in which you could achieve significant results without trying. That is pretty much the seesaw of weight gain,energy, time, and focus.weightgainseasaw

The XL-elegance weight loss coffee, tea, chocolate, and beverage shop have teamed up with JAVITA to bring you a range of weight loss coffees, teas, drinks, and chocolate that will give you the control, energy, fat burning and sugar to fat conversion blockers that will level the seesaw and help you to shed unwanted pounds.  timeandenergyweightlowBesides weight loss and control the product line includes solutions for improving memory and focus, joint function, reducing stress and strengthening the immune system.

Burn and control coffee; lean + green tea; and the ActiveBlendz Control are the top weight loss and fat burning products in the portfolio. ActiveBlendz Rush provides extra energy that helps to prevent harsh spikes and crashing. ActiveBlendz Flex improves joint function and ActiveBlendz Defend helps to improve overall health and supports the immune system. Energy + Mind Coffee provides energy and helps with memory, focus, and concentration. The Focus Fusion Cocoa improves focus and attention and is proven to help children and adults with ADD and ADHD. balancedseesawweight ActiveBlendz Control is a caffeine and sugar free drink that is made with pomegranate and concord grapes. It contains Gymnema Sylvestre and Garcinia Cambogia key ingredients for supporting weight loss for those who are sensitive to caffeine.  Lean + green tea contains Gymnema Sylvestre and Garcinia Cambogia making it ideal for you if you do not drink coffee but need help with weight loss. The weight loss coffee is powered by healthy phytonutrients found in its key ingredients Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate.

The products are tasty and come packaged in easy to carry convenient sticks. To date over 55 million sticks have been sold in over twenty countries. The testimonies of safe, rapid weight loss by customers who attained weight loss goals of 15, 70 or 150 pounds and in between have been numerous and convincing.  Most customers report using two sticks of products per day to achieve their goal, some have even reported using as little as two half sticks per day. lost70lbsin5But even better each customer is presented with an opportunity to share the products and earn one of the highest residual income paid in any industry.

The weight loss products are US FDA approved and are free of additives, preservatives, artificial flavours, and sweeteners.

Business success requires discipline, reaching your business weight loss goal requires the discipline to take your weight loss drink, tea, or coffee twice per day.

Could you ask for greater impact from your weight loss target―when you’ve got safe healthy weight loss, energy, an alternate revenue stream, and weight loss ticked as done on your “Building My Business Things to Do List for 2016”?

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