Virtual Project and Program Rescue & Support Service

Many development project fail to deliver the desired levels or impact because of the need for that trusted friend and advisor who could provide objective implementation support; an extra pair of hands; additional tools; processes and mindset, and who is committed to working in collaboration and partnership with the implementation team.

To implementing partners and organizational leaders

  • Why wait for a funder review, evaluation or the dreaded message that the funding will be suspended to get help?
  • Why allow the brand of your project to be damaged or for your team to end the project with no meaningful outputs or outcomes for which they can feel proud as a team and as an individual?
  • Why risk your professional reputation?
  • Why not design in the success of your project or program including your support life-line from the start?

To donors and funders

  • If you are a donor or funder, why not hedge the return on investment by providing technical support for ensuring effective and efficient delivery of relevant solutions?

Please accept this invitation to meet for discussing how we can rescue your project or program.  Perhaps you do not represent an implementing agency but a Department of Government that is committed to improving its results by making the transition to evidence based and results-oriented thinking and actions as your new culture. In that case, we would love to help you too.

We offer solutions that will give you access to top-tiered consulting expertise at the price you can afford.

Go virtual and get more for the money! Our tools are fully interactive and experiential, you will forget that we are working virtually.

Got the bucks to invest? No problem, we will travel to your location in the Caribbean, USA or Canada!

Let’s make it a date, tell us what is the best time for you. We are available 7:30 AM to 8:00 PM – on Wednesdays, Fridays or Saturdays, May 16- 23, 2015.  Book early for a free 30 minute consultationSchedule your date: Call: 1(647) 854-5323 or Click here to send us an Email.

Not available to meet before May 23rd or prefer after work hours? Send us a note and we’ll work on a best time for us both.

 “Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success, despite the constraint of size.”

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