The Researcher, Writer, and Educator ― Meegan Scott

Les hommes d'affaires peuvent impulser un changement social, la Communauté de Pratique (CoP) à l’intention des entrepreneurs immigrants des Caraïbes dans l'espace OCDE et d'autres marchés dédiés aux diasporas, Meegan Scott

Meegan Scott

Meegan Scott, B.Sc. Hons, MBA, ATM-B, CL, PMP is a Strategic Management Consultant and serial entrepreneur who serves in both Organizational and International Development. She has significant experience serving Jamaica, Canada and the Caribbean in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Strategic Marketing, Business Incubation, Performance Management and Measurement and Resource Mobilization.  A member of the Association for Strategic Planning (ASP); a former member of two business incubation associations, Ms. Scott has authored articles, blog posts, and developed educational content for and hosted a small business television series. She has hosted workshops and designed international panel discussions on topics related to creating a nurturing environment for businesses. In addition, Meegan has addressed issues related to small business and business incubation on radio.

She has presented at conferences, taught business at the professional and post-secondary levels; as well as served as rapporteur at conferences and summits.

Meegan’s experience in the field includes program design, entrepreneur training, strategic planning, organizational assessments, business plan development, coaching, mentoring, incubation and incubator design, management, marketing, foreign direct investment lead generation and marketing, as well as resource and partner mobilization.  She has also provided insurance and investment advice to small businesses. She has a track recording of helping client entrepreneurs to secure eighty percent (80%) to one hundred percent (100%) of available funding.

Meegan is an advocate and initiator for a Community of Practice for serving Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs in all the Region’s diasporic markets. Her advocacy for the CoP has been published in The Caribbean Camera, Caribbean Life News, and the South Florida Caribbean News.

She is also the publisher of The Noësis, a strategy and performance magazine/journal that also focuses on entrepreneurs and is intended to facilitate increased levels of authorship among entrepreneurs of Canadian, Caribbean, and African heritage.

Since 2008, Meegan has toured business incubators in North America. She is the founder, and owner of Magate Wildhorse Ltd. In 2017 Magate Wildhorse Ltd became a Global Entrepreneurship Network partner; and in that Year collaborated with The Caribbean Camera, and Valerie MacLeod of MaxImpact, and the Haines Centre for Strategic Management to host Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017 events― under the theme “Focused for Growth”. The celebrations featured a special segment on Caribbean entrepreneurs in the Canada and the Caribbean. Dr. Marcia Brandon of Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (CoESL), also spoke during the celebrations. Several Caribbean based, and Canadian entrepreneurs were featured in The Caribbean Camera. The 2018 hosting of the celebration focused on the launch of the CoP and included an international audience as well as presenters.

Meegan studied International Relations, International Trade and Finance Law, Business Process Analysis for Trade Facilitation, Statistics for Environmental Policy, Environmental Law and Impact Insurance. She is also a licensed Financial Security Advisor, and a columnist with The Caribbean Camera. She has been guest writer to other newspapers and magazines. You can find out more about Meegan Scott on her web site, www.magatewildhorse