The Caribbean Is Significant! Can’t Spell BAME without the C

Dear Friends:

The peoples of the Caribbean are significant.

Many of us are of African descent but many of us aren’t yet together we can tell the world about multi-cultural not by looks on the surface but by one of the truest blending of peoples to create a distinct culture.

We were among the first people invited to rebuild allied countries post the World War. Our forefathers tilled the soil and fed the developed world during the War.

We taught many about Trade Unionism and established trade unions in places like Canada.  We were the first to fight for emancipation leading to the fall offf in economic viability of sugar and the freedom of black people in the new world.

The Ameridians were here before us. All civilized peoples are now respecting and honouring their indigenuous people, correcting the near genocide and genocide of many. Coincidentally our Jamaican indigenous people are just in the process of reclaiming their heritage.

We have done too much to be  bungled in BAME.  BCAME my friends. Caribbean is important.

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Heard of a place in White Marl, St. Catherine? The Kalingo People of Dominica and the various other indigenuous people of the Caribbean.

Heard of a music call reggage performed largely by blacks, facilitately by predominantly chinese owned studios, promoted internationally predominantly by whites including Chris Blackwell and David Rodigan. Heard of music form popular by Black Americans but given them by Jamaicans? Besides the sounds and instruments in Jamaican music is a direct fusion of Ameridian, Hindi, African and European instruments.

Are we saying Super Cat, Tessanne Chin, Byron Lee and the likes do not count?

You see Chinese or Jamaican?  Or Caribbean?

The likes of Lisa Hanna doesn’t  count?

The hard dough bread we can’t do without by the Chinese.  The Patty we so love and brag about the Portuguese.  Our unique curry dishes the merging of asian and african traditions. Our unique Christmas Cake now the choice of Caribbeans, a Jamaican spin off of the British original. Moreover, your taxpayers dollar or that of your parents paid to send people like Louise Bennett and Olive Lewin overseas to develop their craft as well as for investment in the various programmes on television and craft training centres.

Our diasporans took those investiments and shared them to advance the upliftment of their own and Black people in all disaporic markets. Let us not sit back and allow the ROI on investment ot be morphed into a definition of us as Black verus Caribbean.

The Caribbean culture, heritage and journey as well as our contributions are distinct and significant. Our challenges are complex, there are economic implications that are not in our favour that comes with this desire to treat the Caribbean diaspora as a broad undefined grouping of African diasporans. Let us stand up for our decades long investment and hard fought wins.

There are bills and provisions for Caribbeans from the USA to other nations that are the results of high priced negotiations by Caribbean Governments. That is your taxpayers dollars at work. Stand up for your return on investment.

OECD country governments allocate funding to minority groups for addressing their challenges based on ethnic or racial biases, have you thought of the implications of merging the Caribbean diaspora into the broader African diaspora? About removing our identity and disrespecting those of us who are not of African descent or of mixed heritage?

“It was estimated that CARIBANA generated over $438 million dollars of economic activity in Toronto annually, and over $2 billion dollars of economic activity for the city and $1 billion dollars of tax revenue between the province and the city, according to Ryerson University’s latest study of 2010″. All groups were given the opportunity to develop their own cultural contribution Caribbeans created the biggest winner financially. We need to get rid of the violence and in fighting for this one.

This is to name a few.

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Black, Caribbean, Asian, Minority Ethnic Group

Similar yet distinctly different in many ways!

Contributions and challenges too outstandingly different to spell

#BAME without the “C” BCAME.





Black, Caribbean, Asian, Minority Ethnic Group

African retentions there are.  A significant population of African descent there is.

The Caribbean is out of many people, indigenous peoples, Asians, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Africans included.  Our contributions and challenges too outstandingly different to spell

#BAME without the “C” BCAME.




Black, Caribbean, Asian, Minority Ethnic Group

The peoples and governments of the Caribbean have long invested in the development of their cultural forms. Their contribution to diasporic markets are distinct and different.

Caribbeans and their contributions are too significant to different to spell

#BAME without the “C” BCAME.




Black, Caribbean, Asian, Minority Ethnic Group

Let us not complete a genocide of the indigenous people of the Caribbean.

Let us not disrespect Caribbeans who are not of African descent their contributions are significant.

That is why you can’t spell #BAME without the “C” BCAME.




Black, Caribbean, Asian, Minority Ethnic Group

If it is inclusive, it respects. If it is inclusive it is culturally appropriate, culturally competent and relevant.

Inclusive means you can’t spell #BAME without the “C” BCAME.


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