OUR HEART FELT THANK YOU TO Mr. JERROLD JOHNSON & JAMAICA NATIONAL BANK – Launch of CoP for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

jN-national27871On behalf of the members of the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs (CoP), Magate Wildhorse Ltd, and I thank Mr. Jerrold Johnson for sharing the vision of the CoP, and for committing to its vision from the start. Mr. Johnson and the Bank have demonstrated their commitment to the Community and by extension to helping Canada to benefit from its Jamaican immigrant community.
We are delighted and grateful for the fact that Mr. Johnson has not just committed to the vision of the CoP but, have moved to secure the committed of the Bank to supporting the CoP. Despite a hectic schedule he showed up to inspire and encourage fellow members of the CoP and other entrepreneurs in the community to come together to “leverage our knowledge base and to circulate the information”.

Jerrold, we thank you for encouraging those in our audience to “plug in and pool the knowledge together”.
We look forward to drawing on JNB’s hundred and forty-six years of experience in drawing on community talent as we grow the CoP.
It is encouraging to have the commitment of another mind and pair of hands plus the backing of so noble an institution as JNB on board, to help guide and deliver the vision of the CoP.
Truly the kind of personal commitment and forward thinking by a Jamaican entity that makes me proud to be Jamaican and love fi me born land.
Looking forward to working with you Mr. Johnson and the Bank.

Meegan Scott (for)
The Secretariat of the CoP &
Magate Wildhorse Ltd

All partner including South Florida