Service Fees


At Magate Wildhorse ℠, we ensure you receive maximum return on your investment of purchasing our services.

Accordingly, we apply a value based approach for calculating service fees; which allows us to charge based on the  benefits and impact to be derived from our intervention by your organization.

As such we do not charge a standard hourly rate for our services; except for those services offered through our Building a Stronger Community Initiative; or for international development and government contracts which specifically request an hourly rate for services rendered. Once the value for a solution is agreed together we can prepare an hourly breakdown to satisfied the needs of clients who prefer to see hours assigned to the figures.

Building a Stronger Community Initiative


This service carries a special discounted rate that allows qualifying clients to access quality service at the price they can afford.


After discounting, the fees may then be allocated according to agreed hours of service.

  • Item #: MWH5

You may also qualify for a free workshop, or presentation for your next event. Click here to find out more.

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