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WinterevaluationRFP  Request2adBasic Proposal

  1. Executive summary (1 Page)
  2. Project scope, approach and methodology (2 Pages)
  3. Project management approach, Work Plan and Timeline (2 Pages)
  4. Practise and Consultant(s) Experience and Qualifications (1 Page)
  5. Detailed financial proposal with itemized pricing (1 Page)
  6. References (1 Page)
  7. Practise/Firm Overview

Basic Deliverables Proposed: Evaluation Report; Management Response Session; Evaluation Summit and Presentation of Findings & Interpretation of Findings to Stakeholders; PowerPoint Summary of Findings, Lessons Learnt, and RecommendationsWinterevaluationRFP2ad

Available add-ons:

  • Enterprise wide, project, or program planning solution
  • Performance management and measurement workshop
  • Performance measurement tools
  • Routine support with performance assessment surveys and reports
  • Ongoing project management support
  • Operations, Business or Strategy Plan update
  • Situation specific help with communicating your success

Typical issues addressed (We thank you for indicating your specific issues):

  1. Relevance: Continued need for your project, program, product, or service solution
  2. Relevance: Alignment with mission, mandate, strategic plan, and other priorities
  3. Results: The extent to which you have attained planned results within budget, level of unintended negative results
  4. Impacts and effects: benefits and broader outcomes to clients, members, customers, society
  5. Effectiveness and efficiency: Uptake of program solution or service offer and the extent to which it meets the needs of targeted beneficiaries, customers, or users
  6. Coherence if applicable
  7. Reach and success in brokering collaboration and or capacity building as applicable
  8. Cost effectiveness: Alternatives if available for delivering solution and meeting objectives for less; resource utilization
  9. Organizational sustainability: Relevance + financial viability (For organizational Assessments)

SMEs Strategy Evaluation Issues: consistency, consonance, advantage, feasibility

Typical domains of evaluation or assessment: Structure, process, HR & Systems Capacity, Outcome, Access, Safety, Cost, User/customer experience

Select standards: Utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy


  • A statement or bullet points of factors driving the need for the evaluation or assessment
  • Expectations for the Evaluation exercise
  • Background on project, program, service, or organization
  • Available period for Evaluation or Assessment and deadline for solution
  • Overview of your organization and legal structure (Nonprofit, For-profit, Department of government, other)
  • Contact for project sponsor and or purchase decision maker
  • Mandatory or desired evaluation framework (Ex. Sustainable Livelihoods)
  • Your special wish for a smooth and fun evaluation and learning exercise
  • Budget

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