Pepper Pot Lunch℠ – Strategic Management Conversations


When change is tough and execution is out hunting to eat strategy its time to have that tough conversation.

We know that having those conversations can be tough, but more than that you need the opportunity to sit back with your team and listen deeply, then think and share. That is why we have designed “Pepper Pot Lunch℠” — strategic management conversation series for your team and you.

Pepper Pot Lunch℠, is freshly cooked with love and care for getting those tough strategic management conversations out into the open and to help your team come up with answers for getting the results you want.

Each participatory session is geared towards tackling a challenge related to:

  1. Understanding strategy
  2. Winning commitment to strategy
  3. Taking action for getting the results you, the organization, customers and stakeholders want
  4. Growing a culture of performance and improvement

Pepper Pot Lunch℠ are not just “talk shops”, they are interactive, fact finding, information sharing and active problem solving sessions.

Each session is designed or customized to address the problem you seek to address.

For example, we could troubleshoot and improve one or two component(s) of your program design in a session, or we could address a topic such as “Undemocratic Resource Allocation”. Perhaps you need a session on results-oriented planning and/or evaluation vocabulary [Planning terms, objectives, goals, SMARTER KPIs etc.].

We guarantee rich entertaining sessions which engages heads, hearts and hands for getting you on the path to success.

Try Pepper Pot Lunch today.

Facilitated strategic management conversations­­­­­—that drive commitment, strategy alignment and help your organization to grow a culture of performance and improvement.

Lunch date with your team and you?

 We’ll take Pepper Pot Lunch, plus we’ll also take the fire for you when it comes to those tough strategic management conversations.

Pepper Pot Lunch℠ Sessions are held for 60 to 120 min. [The time is dependent on the issue and type of session].

Message us to discuss your Pepper Pot Lunch℠ request today!

Or phone us at: 1(647) 854-5323


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  1. HR Manager
  2. Program Manager
  3. ED/Head of Organization, Project or Program Team
  4. Non-profit, Government Department, Business, International Development Project

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Share this post via Twitter, LinkedIn and or Facebook for a chance to win a free Pepper Pot Lunch Session for your favourite charity or business. Share using #PepperPotAct.  At the end of May, we will select the winner by a random draw of those who shared across the three social media channels listed above.The winner may choose a 60-min. or a 90-min. session.  If you are outside of  GTA you will be required to choose a problem that is suitable to a virtual Pepper Pot Lunch, most sessions are designed for face-to-face interaction though many are suitable for virtual [Monitor or big screen TV required].

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