OUR HEART FELT THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO CAME TO CELEBRATE WITH US – Launch of CoP for Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneurs

CoP lAUNCH held
On behalf of the members of the Community of Practice for Caribbean Immigrant (CoP), Magate Wildhorse Ltd, and I thank each of you who joined us online in support for the CoP earlier this evening.
We were honoured to share your company, thank you for your comments and encouragement.
We now ask you to join and benefit from the “CoP opportunity” as well as to spread the word about the CoP like wild fire. When you help us to bring more people to benefit and share in the CoP, we can act to create a better social and economic future for our people at home and aboard.
We will also be able to demonstrate the value that we bring for making our adopted homes better places.
Meegan Scott (for)
The Secretariat of the CoP &
Magate Wildhorse Ltd
All partner including South Florida