Mr. Mohamed Ali ATIG joins Magate Wildhorse as lead Associate Evaluation, Business Process Analysis and Value Chain

Mohamed Ali ATIG

Mohamed Ali ATIG B.Sc., MSc,

By Meegan Scott

Magate Wildhorse Ltd, is pleased to announce that Value Chain and Rural Sustainability Expert, Mr. Mohamed Ali ATIG has joined us in the capacity of Associate Evaluation, Business Process Analysis and Value Chain.  Mr. Ali ATIG is a welcomed addition to the Magate Wildhorse family; and more so in this our Iron Year of Truth and Good.

Mohamed will bring a significant boost to our evaluation, strategy, value chain and business process analysis capability.  He will also bring new competence to deliver agricultural planning and evaluation solutions.  With Mr. Ali ATIG on board we have doubled up our deftness to fulfill our promise to deliver strategy solutions with that laser sharp focus on value or what matters. And which will serve to position your organization to gain the competitive edge.

Mr. Ali ATIG holds a Master’s degree in National Resources Management and a Bachelor of engineering degree in Agroeconomic, Agricultural Development Policy specialization.   He also holds certifications in value chains, communication, adults training, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), microfinance, and coaching. Mohamed comes with experience leading final evaluations, entrepreneur, and incubation support.

He has served UN agencies and development organizations such as the FAO, IFAD, ILO, IFC, AFD, GIZ, EU, as well as NGOs and private sector entities.

Mohamed is member of the Order of Engineers of Tunisia, the JCI Chamber of Mutuelleville’s OLM, and the “Union Tunisienne des Ingénieurs Agronomes”/ Tunisian Union of Agronomist engineers.

Meegan Scott, is excited by the opportunity to grow a rich partnership with Mr. Mohamed Ali ATG as we work together for delivering greater value to clients and communities.

Partner Associate Mr. Ali ATIG please click the link to view.